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Custom Smart Homes in Magnolia, TX

Complete Home Automation for Real Life.

We are the go-to company for planning, integration, and setup services for technology in your home. We can set up flat-panel TVs, surround sound, multi-room audio and video, and home theaters.

We offer a complete, one-stop solution. In addition to home automation systems, we have over 40 years as a general contractor which allows us to accomplish things the other guys simply can’t. With all of our projects, which we strive to

  • Do the job right
  • Finish on time
  • Stay within budget

Like our motto says, we offer home automation for real life. Sure, we can add as much technology to your custom home as you like, but we always make sure it is easily operable, and that it fits within your lifestyle.

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Smart Home Automation

Home control is the way you communicate with your systems. It refers to common elements like touch panels, remote controls, and keypads. Using these devices can make your life easier, your technology seamless, and your house more valuable. However, if it isn’t done properly, home controls can do the opposite by making your life, technology, and house one big headache.

For any type of home automation, you need an experienced professional that can create a wiring plan in order to hide all of the wires from your high-tech systems. Picklo Homes can advise you on strategic placement for your keypads, touch panels, and remote controls. They have a history of dealing with this type of technology and know the best way to install them to achieve your goals.

After all, your technology needs to look good, as well as function perfectly.

Smart Home Lighting

Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of your home. It sets the mood, whether you are entertaining family and friends or enjoying a movie night at home. These lighting controls are easy to use and have so many positive attributes including ease of use and security.

How often do you follow behind family members who have left lights on? How many times do you circle the house, turning off lights and appliances before you go to bed each night? Now, when it is time to leave your home or get some sleep, all you have to do is press a button.

There is a major security aspect of having lighting controls. Through these controls, you can turn interior and exterior lights on and off at the press of a button. You can feel safe knowing that you have the ability to secure your house when you are away too.

The Benefits of Custom Home Automation

Throughout over 40 years of expert experience and skill, we have developed a dependable talent for creating superior smart home operations and configurations that greatly improve the lives of our clients.

Smart Homes in Magnolia, TX
  • Stay Connected at all Times

    Designing and building a custom smart home system is the best way to connect all aspects of your home lifestyle for comfort and maximum efficiency. Strategically planned smart home technology allows you and your family access to an endless variety of technological conveniences and custom programming.

  • Energy Efficiency & Savings

    Custom smart home technology allows homeowners to maximize energy efficiency and utility savings while still enjoying all of the amenities and conveniences that today’s advanced technologies have to offer. With smart house technology, energy use is much more manageable and you can greatly reduce waste within your home. Some of the most significant ways you save include smart lighting, smart HVAC controls, and smart pool management.

  • Remote Monitoring & Home Management

    Remote smart home monitoring enables homeowners to manage their home operations quickly and conveniently from wherever they are. This technology allows you to view and control many aspects of your home from central hub systems and even modern phone applications. Some examples include HVAC management, home security viewing and management, lighting, entry locks, and much more.

  • Complete Control with Fully Customizable Smart Solutions

    With custom smart house technology, you gain complete control over your home lifestyle, as well as your preferred levels of comfort. Today’s smart home systems allow you to greatly reduce the stresses and manual labor of lawn care, pool maintenance, and much more. With full management capabilities at your fingertips or in the palm of your hand, you can ensure that your custom home always meets your individual needs.

  • Maximum Home Safety & Security

    When it comes to building a home, safety and security are always a top priority. Picklo Homes can work closely with you on designing a custom smart home system built around privacy, security, and convenience. Smart home technology can be highly effective at warding off home intrusions and quickly alerting homeowners of a possible intrusion. Many modern systems can even send alerts to the homeowner's phone, allowing swift action to be taken whether the owners are home or not.

Why Make Us Your Custom Smart Home Builder?

When you partner with Picklo Homes to build a custom smart home, you are guaranteed unparalleled quality, efficiency, and performance that lasts.

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