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Cypress, TX is a vibrant and rapidly growing community situated in northwest Harris County, Texas. Known for its spacious suburban neighborhoods and excellent schools, Cypress attracts families and individuals seeking a high-quality lifestyle. The area is characterized by its beautiful natural surroundings, including towering trees, serene lakes, and picturesque parks. Cypress offers a range of recreational activities, from hiking and biking trails to golf courses and community centers, catering to the active lifestyles of its residents.

The town is also known for its diverse dining and shopping options, with bustling commercial areas and popular retail centers. With its convenient access to major highways and proximity to Houston, Cypress strikes a perfect balance between suburban tranquility and urban connectivity, making it an appealing place to call home.

Though Cypress, TX is already an excellent place to live, a professional custom home builder can provide you with a property that promises to enhance your experience even further.

While simply buying an already built home is more straightforward, custom homes offer several unique benefits that other options do not. Custom-built homes create residencies that perfectly align with your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

In the past, finding a custom home builder in Cypress who could capture your vision, meet your expectations, and make your dream home a reality was a challenge. That all changed when Picklo Homes came into the picture.

Our highly skilled team utilizes its vast experience to create a home that will satisfy all of the needs you and your family have. 

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The Custom Home Experience​

Custom homes are ideal for homeowners with a clear vision who enjoy a detail-oriented building process. Building a custom home involves working directly with a custom home builder and their design partner to design and plan your home, selecting every detail about your home’s construction, layout, and finishes. You have the ability to choose every aspect of your home, from the number of rooms it will have to what the color of your cabinets will be.

The process of building a custom home typically involves you making decisions such as:

  • Determining the general home plan
  • Modifications: adding doors or windows, moving walls, adding vaulted ceilings
  • Picking exterior materials like stone, siding, brick, board, and shake
  • Picking building materials for energy efficiency
  • Choosing finishes: plumbing and lighting fixtures as well as floor types and styles

By opting for the custom home building process, you ensure that every inch of your home is precisely how you envisioned it.

The custom home building process leaves you with a home overflowing with unique style and influences, from the materials and finishes to the different room designs and features. Your Cypress, TX home will be the perfect reflection of your personality, with its functionality designed to satisfy your needs and match your lifestyle.

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Though the process is far from straightforward, building a custom home offers several benefits. The following are some of those advantages.

  • Complete Customization

    Since you are in charge of making all the final decisions regarding every aspect of your home, custom homes offer complete customization.

    Do you prefer granite countertops in the kitchen? Is natural light essential to you? Do you work from home and would like to include a home office in the design? Whatever your preferences are, a custom home builder can make it happen.

  • Convenience

    The benefit of complete customization brings with it the ability to incorporate features and designs that place everything you need at your fingertips. In doing so, you can create a home that provides you with the convenience pre-built homes rarely do.

  • Functional Efficiency

    Speaking of pre-built homes, shopping around for one often means making sacrifices because of how challenging it is to find a place that meets all your family’s functionality needs.

    With custom homes, you can create floor plans that maximize functionality and create the most efficient living experience. Whether you would like to include a mother-in-law suite or incorporate a tech-savvy home design, custom homes make it all possible.

    Additionally, considering your future needs during the design phase will leave you with a home that will provide long-term satisfaction and sustainability.

  • Quality Construction

    Have you ever bought a home whose structure you thought was solid only to find hidden issues later? Avoid this costly problem by opting for a custom home instead.

    A homeowner who builds a custom home can ensure that all the materials the builder uses are of the highest possible quality. They get to enjoy the benefit of exceptional craftsmanship and high-end materials that leave them with quality construction.

Picklo Homes

How Choosing a Custom Builder Makes a Difference

The first step to enjoying these benefits is partnering with the right custom home builder—one who will do more than construct a nice house. They will leave you with a place you would be proud to call your home. The following are some of the ways choosing a custom builder makes a difference.


Complete Design Control

When building a custom home with the right contractor, you will have complete control of the design and customization. They will understand that you are the boss and go the extra mile to ensure you won’t have to settle for anything.



The Perfect Floor Plans

You also gain the ability to make every space in your home exactly how you want it, with the custom home builder making the spaces work for you.


Complete Process Efficiency

The right builder will streamline the construction process, making it as efficient as possible. They will ensure every design aspect leaves you with an incredibly comfortable home that will offer long-lasting satisfaction.


A Source for High-Quality Materials

Regardless of the material you select, you can be confident that your custom home builder will source it for you, providing you with what you want.

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As beneficial as custom homes are, their construction requires the utmost attention. Fortunately, Picklo Homes is an experienced build company with a team of experienced craftsmen committed to your project.

As an experienced custom builder, we work to understand your every need and desire. Our eye for detail and commitment to customer service have made us the leading custom home-building company in Cypress.

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