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Our Home Building Process

Deciding to build a custom home is a big decision.

There are many stages in building a custom home, each stage consisting of many smaller ones, all of which require attention and a keen eye.

Your life is already busy enough.

Our full-service custom home building process allows you to relax while our experienced team handles all of the details that go into turning your home ideas into a reality.

Below, you will find a brief guided tour of the build process, from the day you purchase a lot to the day you move into your new home. The tour is divided into clearly marked sections, so please feel free to skip to the section that pertains to your needs

As always, feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any of your custom home needs in additional detail.

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Design Phase

Your custom home design process will start by uncovering the ideas and visions you have in your head. Our design partner will work through a discovery process to translate everything you envision into a working floor plan.

Using their team’s expertise, they begin moving, tweaking, shifting, and stretching your design as needed to accommodate all of your wants and needs.

Your new home design is not finalized until you are completely satisfied as our design partner will continue to work out any kinks or potential shortcomings until both inside and outside of your home design is exactly how you envisioned.

Construction Phase

At the onset of your home’s construction, we will meet for an informal walk through.

These are intended so that you become familiar with the site, and to offer any suggestions throughout any portion of the multi-stage process.

Custom Home Construction
  • Lot Walk

    Ensuring the land surrounding your home accentuates exactly what you desire is an important first step, one which many builders fail to pay adequate attention to. We will meet with you prior to clearing to discuss, and present options about, what is to be removed and what is to stay. Bring your ideas, and we’ll discuss how to achieve them.

  • Electrical Walk Through

    Electrical needs are a primary concern in reference to your home’s functionality. All too often, ill-thought out electrical configuration becomes painfully apparent only after the home is complete and you’ve moved in. During the walk through, we will meet with the electricians to discuss what your electrical needs may be (i.e. media rooms, appliance placement in the kitchen, functionality requirements in living areas and bedrooms). If your needs change from blueprint to installation, it is at this time changes will be discussed and presented to the electrical team.

  • Security and Media Walk Through

    Technology only dreamed of 20 years ago is readily (and inexpensively) available to feature in your new home. It is during this meeting we will meet with the Electrical Systems Contractor, also known as an Integrator, and walk the home to identify key locations based on your phone, data, and video needs. This meeting is also necessary for proper multi-room audio, CCTV, surround sound, and security installation, setup, and configuration.

  • Trim Walk Through

    When discussing trim work, our focus will be to identify your cabinet layout and design needs, including closets. When deciding on site-built cabinet design, our many years of experience has taught us it is better to do the bulk of design and implementation work on the job site. Instead of trimming your home out on paper and ordering the cuts, working on-site in three dimensions is much more favorable, allowing unforeseen changes to be swiftly addressed with minimal (if any) disruption.

  • Final Walk

    By the time this phase is reached, completion is just around the corner. During this last walk through, we will discuss any uncompleted punch list items, as well as go over the different features and maintenance needs of your new home.


Picklo Homes operates with a great sense of community and a firm dedication to the customer.

Our commitment to hard work, expert craftsmanship, and integrity dates back almost 40 years to the day we opened our doors, and is the firm foundation on which we’ve built a successful business.

As a customer of Picklo Homes, this means we will be around to stand behind our product.

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Picklo Homes works with many great partners in the necessary stage of financing acquisition.

Some of our company’s closest partners are:

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Custom Home Construction FAQs

Why should I consider partnering with both a design firm and a construction-focused custom home builder for my custom home project?

Partnering with both a design firm and a construction-focused custom home builder ensures a holistic approach to your project. The design firm specializes in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, while the construction-focused builder brings expertise in implementing those designs with precision, quality, and adherence to local building codes, schedules, and project management. This collaborative approach ensures that your custom home not only looks great but is also built to last.

What are the advantages of this collaborative approach compared to hiring a design-build firm that offers both design and construction services in-house?

Partnering with separate experts offers distinct benefits. It allows you to choose specialized professionals who excel in their respective fields. Design firms focus on creative and aesthetic aspects, ensuring your vision is fully realized, while construction-focused builders specialize in the technical aspects of building, such as structural integrity and quality control. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both parties, resulting in a custom home that excels in both design and construction quality.

How does the partnership between a design firm and a construction-focused builder impact the budget of my custom home project?

Collaboration between a design firm and a construction-focused builder can help manage your project budget effectively. Design firms work to create a design that aligns with your budget from the outset, reducing the likelihood of costly design changes during construction. Construction-focused builders can provide valuable input during the design phase to ensure that the design choices are cost-effective to implement. This proactive approach helps control costs and minimizes surprises during construction.

Can I use my own design or architect and still benefit from the expertise of a construction-focused custom home builder?

Yes, you can certainly use your own design or architect when working with a construction-focused custom home builder. Builders with a construction focus are skilled at collaborating with various design professionals and architects. They can work closely with your chosen design team to ensure that your vision is brought to life efficiently and to the highest construction standards. Their expertise in construction and project management can enhance the coordination between the design and construction phases, resulting in a smoother and more successful project.