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Building a Custom Farmhouse: Transitional Vs. Country-Style
Custom Farmhouse

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Building a Custom Farmhouse: Transitional Vs. Country-Style

Looking to build a custom farmhouse? Are you inspired by Americana and colonial-era decor? Do you want to create a home that is both cozy and functional?

Designing a farmhouse-style custom home may be your answer. Farmhouses are trending across America, whether you live in the city or the countryside. They are a fantastic option for a new home, combining utility with stylish interior and exterior decor.

In this article, we outline two types of farmhouses, namely transitional and country-style. Transitional houses feature a contemporary design while country-style homes are more traditional. Keep reading to find out more –

What is a Transitional-Style Farmhouse?

A transitional-style farmhouse is a perfect option for a minimalist. Nearly all parts of the transitional-style farmhouse are functional with few decorative elements.

Builders constructed the original transitional-style farmhouses between 1910 and 1940 when money was scarce. These houses normally consisted of a single level. They used materials such as gable roofs, wood, metal, lacquer, and fabric for the construction.

Original transitional farmhouses had poorly-insulated windows to take advantage of sunlight during the day and breeze during the night. Constructors equipped them with wooden floors covered by throw rugs and sparse furnishings.

Due to a lack of running water, most transitional farmhouses also had outhouses rather than in-home bathrooms. Residents mostly washed laundry outside in buckets.

Modern transitional farmhouses take inspiration from their older counterparts by maintaining minimalism and purposefulness in design. If you want to build a transitional-style custom farmhouse, you can equip it with modern-day luxuries.

Nowadays, transitional farmhouses combine both classic and contemporary elements. They are sleek and chic, employing light accessories and neutral tones for decoration. You can also add accents of dark and muted colors such as burgundy or chocolate.

Common textures include leather, wood, burlap, and galvanized steel. They offer the perfect compromise for any couple looking to marry masculine and feminine design inspiration. Many of these houses feature exposed wooden beams, wood floors, and even brick walls.

Transitional houses tend to feature an open concept floor plan, connecting rooms such as the dining room, living room, and kitchen. Their minimalistic design elements offer easy maintenance and a cozy home feeling.

What is a Country-Style Farmhouse?

A country-style farmhouse is often the stereotypical image that comes to mind when thinking of a country home. They are more extravagant than transitional houses, focusing on elegance and grandeur rather than minimalism.

The construction of original country-style farmhouses occurred in the 18th century. These homes were small and functional. Nowadays, the country-style features simple designs, rustic decor, and repurposed building and decorative materials.

The exterior design of a country-style farmhouse often features large, triangular roofing elements and partially-enclosed patios. The windows feature muntins and mullions as well as shutters or bold outlines.

Most homeowners who opt for a country-style custom farmhouse use repurposed materials. Reclaimed wood and time-distressed metals give life to the country home design. They help the home’s appearance look time-worn and rustic, adding to its charm.

Country-style farmhouses typically feature stained or natural wood cabinets, exposed wooden beams, and shiplap walls. You can also use unique elements such as stainless steel or soapstone for countertops and apron sinks.

One of the most important elements of a country-style home is that it connects indoor and outdoor living. You should consider including a big outdoor patio space or even a wrap-around porch. Adorning your house with plants and antique furniture after you finish building will enhance this sentiment as well.

Your country home should feature a family-style design, with large, antique furniture and plans for social areas. The color scheme should also remain neutral, although accent colors should lean toward a natural theme. Navy or sage are two of the best.

Deciding Which Custom Farmhouse Style Suits You Best

When deciding whether you should build a transitional or country-style custom farmhouse, consider the following characteristics:

  • Size
  • Decorative elements
  • Exterior design

If you want a large home with lots of space for lounging and entertaining, a country-style farmhouse is the better option. These homes beg for you to sit around and chat either inside or outside on a gorgeous patio.

For anyone who wants a smaller home that requires less maintenance, a transitional-style farmhouse is the way to go.

As for decoration, transitional farmhouses often feature contemporary decor while country-style homes have a rustic feel. Though you can incorporate rustic design elements in the transitional style, you should shoot for minimalism with a few accent pieces.

Country-style farmhouses often feature handmade decorations, plants, eccentric light fixtures, thrifted art, furniture, etc. Try to aim for the coziest and most rustic feel when planning out the interior design.

Finally, if you want a large house, country-style homes are best. Transitional-style farmhouses are smaller, maintaining their minimalism and functionality.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can build a unique custom home adjusted to your needs. If you want to mix the transitional and country style, go for it! Your new home should reflect your vision.

Choose a Home Builder Experienced in Custom Farmhouse Design

If you need a custom home builder for your custom farmhouse, always do your research before committing. The best construction company for a custom farmhouse should have experience in creating this style of home, good reviews, an attractive website, and easily accessible contact information.

For anyone looking to build a custom farmhouse in Magnolia, TX, Picklo Homes fits all these characteristics and more. We have over 40 years of experience building luxury custom homes in all styles, from farmhouse to craftsman and more!

Picklo Homes is a family-run business that started in 1981. Since then, Terry and Nick Picklo have worked together to create high-quality custom homes in Magnolia, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

At Picklo Homes, we prioritize your vision above all else. To find out more about the Picklo custom home building process and how our service compares to other companies, contact us at 281-252-4447.

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