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All You Need To Know About Building A Custom Smart Home in Magnolia, TX
Building a Custom Smart Home in Magnolia, TX

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All You Need To Know About Building A Custom Smart Home in Magnolia, TX

Upgrading your lifestyle with custom smart home features fills your daily experiences with long-term luxury and convenience. With all of your home’s controls in one easy centralized location, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it before.

If you’re looking to turn your day-to-day living into an over-the-top retreat, a custom smart home with modern streamlined technology is exactly what you need.

Why Build a Smart Home?

Today’s smart homes offer remote access and assistance to help you maintain and complete tasks that keep your home functioning smoothly at all times. Whether you’re regularly on the go or simply interested in an easier and more convenient way of life, a smart home will significantly improve your daily living experiences.

Impactful Benefits of Building a Custom Smart Home:

  • Interconnectivity
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Safety & Security
  • Complete Lifestyle Customization

Building a custom smart home allows you to maximize your home’s comfort, efficiency, and the overall convenience of technological interconnectivity. With expertly designed custom smart home technology systems and equipment, you can significantly improve your lifestyle in almost every way.

What Makes a Smart Home Smart?

A home automation system is the heart of every smart house. This unit acts as the control headquarters for all integrative functions and tells the house what to do based on your needs and personal preferences. As a result, everything from security, media, and home acclimation is simply one-touch away.

Whether via remote control or smartphone app, home automation is accessible independently to give you control from anywhere. For example, if you can’t remember whether or not you locked the door before leaving for work, you could access the app from your phone and lock it remotely. You would then be able to continue your day with the peace of mind that only a smart home can provide.

Smart homes are homes designed to emphasize technological innovation and convenience in order to assist in streamlining your life for a more luxurious experience.

An expert custom smart home builder can design, install, and configure a smart home system that will change life as you know it for the better.

Life-Changing Smart House Systems & Techniques

The modernized features that today’s smart home technology offers are ever-growing with the rise of home automation. For example, remote access allows you to modify elements of your home from your phone, tablet, or any other smart device.

In addition to remote access, you can strategically place control panels around your smart home, primarily in high-traffic areas. If you find yourself near the control panel, you may make your selections there. This feature is great for larger homes, providing maximum convenience around every corner.

Additionally, smart houses are the ultimate solution when designing for energy efficiency. Because most home options are accessible remotely, the user can manage their energy use from anywhere at any time. The money saved in electric bills and energy output is well worth the home automation investment.

Regardless of the features you want in your custom home, smart home technology can support and improve every aspect of the experience. Here are a few ways a smart house can improve your life:

Smart thermostat:

The most widely known innovative feature, a smart thermostat, controls all the climate settings in your home. Remote temperature control and HVAC zoning capabilities are excellent for maintaining maximum comfort while also managing energy use.

Smart Entertainment:

For the homeowner that regularly entertains, smart entertainment technology will come as a handy tool. For example, integrative sound features can play music throughout the home, including the exterior. Volume adjustment is accessible at any control panel or remotely.

Smart Home Safety:

To keep your home secure at all times, security features with a home automation system allow a variety of surveillance-based options:

  • 360-Degree Cameras to catch every movement.
  • One-touch Emergency Selections from anywhere for fast and convenient control.
  • Notifications to your phone alerting you when doors, windows, and gates open or close.
  • Smart Lighting that turns on with one touch or on a schedule for visual safety at night.
  • Wireless Smart Water-Leak Detectors that can quickly send alerts and shut off water lines in high-risk areas of the home: Under sinks, in washrooms, near water heaters, etc.
  • A Smart Intercom System to talk with family members throughout the house, even when you’re not home.

Smart lighting:

Smart lighting can fill the needs of both entertaining hosts and the environmentally conscious. For entertainment, you can dim, brighten, or change the color of your lights to reflect the mood of parties and gatherings. Smart lighting uses energy-efficient bulbs for the environmentally conscious, ensuring lower electric bills and energy output.

Why a Custom Home Builder is the Way to Go

When approaching smart home installation, most contractors consider it an afterthought to the home’s construction. However, for the experience of a smart home to reach its ultimate potential, it is integral to the home’s structure. A custom builder will prioritize the intricacies of home automation before the foundation ever sees the ground.

Unlike traditional home automation installations, custom home builders consider your smart home experience from the ground up. Using an experienced custom home builder is the only way to ensure ultimate comfort and long-term satisfaction.

Be Smart About Your Smart Home – Call Picklo Homes!

Picklo Homes is a family-owned and operated business that serves the areas in and around Houston, TX.

Our community pride, integrity, innovation, and luxury custom building plans have kept our clients extremely happy for over 40 years. If you are looking for a smart home experience unlike anything you have ever known, call Picklo Homes today at 281-252-4447.

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