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6 Preparation Steps Before Building Your Custom Home
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6 Preparation Steps Before Building Your Custom Home

Planning, designing, and building a custom home is never simple.

Achieving your custom dream home is an extremely exciting and rewarding process. But, there is quite a hefty checklist of proper planning and preparation to go through for a successful outcome.

In this article, we will be going over six essential stages of the custom home building process and what you need to expect.

1. Plan Your Budget & GoalsCustom Home Budget

Planning your budget correctly is a crucial part of building your custom home. When finalizing your dream home budget, there are several financial components you should consider and account for, such as:

  • Your Lot Budget

When you start planning out your custom dream home, you need to think about the location and how much it may cost or save you. Once you know where you want to live, be sure to factor the lot costs into your overall budget.

  • The Custom Home Build Itself

Next, figure out how much it’s going to cost to build your custom home and account for the build price tag as well.

  • Appliances & Finishings

When it comes to picking out your appliances and finishings, of course, it is important to choose features that best meet your needs and style, but it is also crucial that they meet your budget as well. Be sure to factor in all costs, from refrigerators to outdoor kitchen appliances, if necessary.

  • Additional Expenses

Additional build expenses may include the costs of a custom pool or maybe an extended garage/shop space; you may even want to add a custom koi pond and water fountain feature. Regardless of additional design elements, make sure you budget everything properly.

  • Expense Cushion

It isn’t uncommon for home builds to go over the intended budget due to unforeseen circumstances. The best way to combat such instances is by creating an expense cushion early on in your budget to help cover any unexpected costs.

2. Where You are BuildingCustom home build location

Deciding where you want your home is an exciting part of the custom building process. With that being said, there are a few factors to take into consideration:

  • Do you have children, and will you be looking for a particular school district?
  • Does your lifestyle require remote peace and quiet or close lively social areas?
  • What areas can you afford, and will they require sacrifices you can deal with?

At Picklo Homes, we have several locations we build in that are sure to fit your style and preferences.

3. Ask About Utility Lines

It may seem like a strange consideration, but utility lines and poles may very well affect your custom home design. Figuring out where all power lines and utility poles are will help you avoid unexpected design hiccups. The last thing you want is having to change your home’s layout due to unaccounted for utility equipment being in the way.

4. Design Your Floor Planfloor plan

Design a floor plan that you love and are happy to come home to. For the best outcome, be sure to plan for:

  • Your Lifestyle
  • How much your style may or may not change from room to room
  • Having pets or small children that may affect your design needs
  • How you plan to live in the home
  • Space needs
  • Closets and storage, etc.

5. Choose Your Custom Home Builder

Choosing your custom home builder is the single most important part of the home building process. You are going to want a reputable team of builders who understand your vision and have the skill to bring it to life.

Your custom home builder should also be able and willing to guide you through the building and design process, all while working with your budget as closely as possible. Some things you should consider when choosing your custom builder include:

  • Builder Reputation
  • Experience & Credentials
  • Whether or not they use subcontractors
  • What the turnaround time would be
  • Quality & Value

6. Stick to Clear Communication & Practice Patience

When working with your custom home builder, it is important to keep a clear and open line of communication. This will help to ensure your dream home stays within budget and matches your needs and desires as closely as possible.

Clear communication

Another aspect to keep in mind is patience. Your dream home doesn’t just appear overnight; it requires hard work, dedication, design, and quite a bit of extensive planning. Embrace the wait and prepare yourself for the home you’ve always dreamed of; it’s worth it!

If you are ready to start your custom home project, give us a call today! We have the skill and experience needed to effortlessly guide you through the whole process and make your dreams a reality!

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