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Floor Plans for Your Custom Home, The Foundation of Your Dreams
Custom home floor plan

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Floor Plans for Your Custom Home, The Foundation of Your Dreams

One of the first steps in building the custom home of your dreams is choosing the floor plans that will turn those dreams into a reality.

It’s an exciting time but a very important step.

There are already many designs, plans, and concepts available online for you to view; however, the biggest issue one may run into is that these plans may contain flaws that don’t fit the overall goals you have in mind for your specific build.

Think back to your home or a previous home or home of a friend or family member.

Does everything flow together or is it a bit jumbled?

Is it functional?

Does it inspire and present a positive aesthetic with its general view?

Custom built homes are a perfect chance to create a plan that not only looks great but works great also. Depending on your preferences or lifestyle your new custom built home may be completely different from the tastes and needs of your friends or loved ones or potentially just in need of a few slight changes.

Some changes may seem simple but can present unique and challenging obstacles for your build. They also may make all of the difference in the home’s functionality.

Putting together a proper custom home plan can help you fully realize your dreams and allow for a complete custom built home experience.

Time to get started on putting together a floor plan?

This guide will help you determine the important factors to look at when deciding what’s right for your new custom built home.

Balance Needs and Wants

One of the biggest temptations when building your custom home is to simply place everything in your head as a “need” instead of a properly determining what is actually needed and other things that are simply just “wanted”.

Your custom built home should be an expression of yourself and your family but by determining the things you truly need to make your house a home, you can avoid overspending and truly perfect the features at hand. Identifying needs and wants will help keep you on budget and guide the rest of the project from the very beginning, helping ensure a smoother, faster building experience.

Consider Your Lifestyle, Past, Present, & Future

Knowing your lifestyle is an important aspect of picking a floor plan because it will guide yourself and your team of builders to the correct solutions more effectively.

Functionality is one of the main points to address during your custom home build, and knowing what your home will function for is not simply just a nostalgic trip on memory lane or delightful daydream, but an absolutely necessary part of this process:


What are some of the things you have wanted to do in the past with/in your home that you were unable to beforehand?

What are some of the things you loved/hated about a previous home that you want to keep in the past or take with you?

Take the good and leave the bad by considering what is needed or wanted from the past and incorporate those elements within your home in a modern way.


What are your immediate objectives with your new home build?

Consider your life as it currently is and what you hope to accomplish with your custom home. Maybe you are an empty nester looking for a smaller home to enjoy life after children. Create that special room dedicated to your passion, finally have a home that is the neighborhood social hotspot, etc. With a custom built home, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Let’s go back to that empty nester scenario. Sure, the kids are gone but won’t they occasionally visit?

What about grandkids?

Taking time to think about the future of your home and the future of your lifestyle can help you decide on how to design your custom home floor plans and present solutions that can provide value in the present and beyond.

Lot Limitations and Other Restrictionscustom home planning

Knowing the size of the lot you plan to build on and the regulations that accompany it will help you develop a floor plan that not only works for your lifestyle but is physically possible.

The last thing you want to do is to plan for something that is simply too big all to have it, unfortunately, come to a halt.

Have a plan, know the land, and work with your team to develop a floor plan that fits within its physical limitations and the regulations of that space.

Style and Taste Matter

The style of home you choose to be built will ultimately affect the floor plan of your home and vice versa.

This is a great opportunity to use reference materials such as Pinterest or the DIY Network to view and conceptualize the type of home you wish to be built.

Once you’ve decided between a modern condominium look or a classic ranch style home, the proper floor plan ideas can be applied to this aesthetic and properly executed.

Custom Made Floor Plans, But Universal Results

Creating and executing customized floor plans give each home its own distinct bit of character and each family a chance to express themselves in new, exciting ways.

The creative team at Picklo Homes have been helping clients live out their dreams since the ‘80s and have the technical know-how and experience to bring your dreams to life too.

Custom home plan results

The homes may be custom but the results are not because every client is guaranteed intelligent craftsmanship and unmatched service. Contact them today and start your custom home building journey today!

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