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Custom Pool Process

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Our Custom Pool Building Process

We are here to deliver something remarkable and will not rest until you are happy with our work.

Picklo Homes provides its clients with the best possible design with no hidden costs. A client is usually meeting with several pool builders and receiving multiple plans and quotes. However, they have no way of knowing if the price is fair or the builder will do quality work. Designs are easily adjusted, but quality never changes. Homeowners should know they are paying a fair price for a quality pool, regardless of the design.

At Picklo Homes, we start by providing you with a free estimate based upon all of the specifications and features you want. Once you are satisfied with the estimate and are ready to create your dream custom pool, we will establish a professional service agreement and a deposit. The pool design is based on the specifications and features you want and you can make as many design changes until you’re 100% happy. You will never have to worry about any hidden costs or unwanted surprises. As long as the original specifications do not change, the price remains the same. And that’s the Picklo Homes Advantage.

Picklo Homes has a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best pool possible with transparent pricing.

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Our Custom Pool Design is The First Step

We do not do anything halfway.

The first step involves an in-depth meeting at the installation site. We will discuss what type of pool or structure you desire, explore your wants and needs and look at the lay of the land to determine what will work well with the landscape and architecture of the home.

After we gather this information, we create a 3D rendering and a 2D construction blueprint. At this point, we will meet up again to fine-tune the concept and revise the design to meet any further needs and fit within your pool budget.

The design is not finalized until you are 100% satisfied with the plans.

Our Pool Construction Begins with a Strong Foundation

Several segments make up the construction phase of your project.

Understanding each segment and how they work together to create your pool will help you better appreciate what the Picklo team is working to accomplish with your project.

  • Excavation

    First, we mark the location and shape of the pool. Then, using a Bobcat or similar machine, we dig the hole and set the forms to prepare for rebar.

  • Rebar

    The rebar is the structure of the pool, often thought of as the “bones” on which the pool is constructed. Picklo Homes installs rebar 8” on center. This creates a much stronger structure. At this point, the plumber “roughs in” his pipe and the electrician does the same with lighting.

  • Gunite

    Gunite is the dry-mix shotcrete process we utilize for forming the shape of the pool; additionally, it is the first step to prepare the pool for waterproofing. In the dry-mix process, the dry sand and cement mixture is blown through a hose with compressed air. Water is injected at the nozzle for hydration immediately before it is discharged into the receiving surface. This is a vital step, since tile and masonry workers depend on the gunite for a straight edge and level pool.

  • Curing and Installation

    The gunite will need to cure a few days. During this time, some of the plumbing and electrical work may be completed. After this, the tile and masonry contractors will be able to come in and complete their work.

  • Decking

    Decking around the pool can include anything from colored concrete to skip trowel or even pavers. This is the touch that connects your pool with your entire outdoor living area and makes the pool feel complete.

  • Plaster

    After all the other steps are completed, we install the plaster. We offer a number of options to meet your particular needs and desires. At this point, the pool is almost ready to go!

  • Finishing Touches

    We fill the pool with water to aid in the plaster curing process. After this, we offer a 10-day startup that will bring your chemicals to the appropriate level and prepare the pool for your family’s enjoyment.

    Whether we’re building a pool or another structure, the process is similar. We begin with a strong foundation and move forward building the structure on our base. Finally, tile, masonry, electrical, and plumbing is added to complete the project.


We Build Our Pools to Last

Warranties are very important. 

At Picklo Homes, we are confident in the product we build and we offer warranties that back it up. We offer a 2-Year Workmanship Warranty that covers 100% of any repairs to plumbing leaks, fitting leaks, and loose tiles and or stones. We do this because we are completely confident in the quality of our work and the talent of our team. Our equipment warranties and our plaster/pebble finish warranties vary depending on the product chosen.

If you compare the warranties when requesting estimates from builders, you will see that Picklo Homes warranties are among the strongest in the industry. 

You should also remember that a warranty is only as good as the company that issues it. Dozens of pool builders go out of business each year and, if they’re gone, so is your warranty. 

We build our pools to last, and we’ll always be here to stand by our pools in the future. Anyone can offer a “lifetime warranty,” but if they aren’t in business for the duration of the pool’s life, then you don’t have much of a warranty.