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Custom POOL Builder Magnolia, TX

Custom pools and spas have quickly become the preferred way to maximize at-home comfort, relaxation, and privacy.

Magnolia, TX, is a charming town in Montgomery County, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and forests that provide a picturesque setting. Magnolia has a rich history, preserving its heritage through its historic downtown area, where you can find quaint shops, businesses, and great dining experiences. Magnolia is a delightful place to call home,  and a custom pool makes it that much more enjoyable.

At Picklo Homes, our design possibilities for custom swimming pools are endlessly impressive and mesmerizing. Regardless of your style preferences, comfort requirements, and luxurious spa-like needs, Picklo Homes can make it happen!

Over the years, our team has accumulated a hefty portfolio of incredible pool builds and designs that create unforgettable experiences.

We believe that building a custom swimming pool isn’t just about having a place to get your feet wet and cool off; we build priceless experiences by creating life-changing private resorts only steps away from your door.

Check out our custom pool design & workmanship.
Take a look at some of the beautiful custom pools that we have constructed for our wonderful clients.

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Custom Pool Builder in Magnolia, TX

Why Build a Custom Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools have been around for centuries, providing fun environments for families and a quiet retreat for those in need of a little rest & relaxation.

Although today’s pool experience is much different from what it was initially, the consuming need for a nice place to soak and close your eyes have remained.

The real advantages of today’s custom pools stem from technology and modern imagination.

With the right custom pool builder, creating what you and your family need is just a few creative ideas away.

Custom Pools Provide

  • A Private Oasis with Endless Access
  • Modern Relaxation Features That fit Your Needs
  • An Incredible Place to Gather, Impress, and Make Memories
  • Substantial Value Added to Your Home
  • A Beautiful Paradise Place to Call Your Own

Why Choose Us

What Makes PICKLO the Best Custom Pool Builder?

Our experience and skill in designing and building custom pool paradises remain unmatched!

Our team has brought to life aquatic dreams for many years through careful planning, vital skills, and diverse custom pool building experience.

We have been building beautiful custom indoor living spaces for more than 40 years now, so it only makes sense that we also offer unforgettable outdoor living experiences.

Our strong work ethic, focus on high quality, and commitment to our clients have made us the top choice in custom living. Our team instills a strong sense of pride and integrity in each backyard oasis we build.

Regardless of your budget and vision, we’ve got the expertise to build all that you’ve dreamed of!

Magnolia Custom Pool Builders

Custom Pool Amenities

The amenities, accessories, and “extras” we incorporate into our pools are what set us apart from other pool builders.

We only use the highest-quality equipment and supplies for our custom pool builds because we know it saves our clients money in the long run and creates the best possible outcome.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lights are brighter, available in many colors/styles, and use a very low voltage, saving you on electrical costs.

  • Variable Speed Pumps

    Variable Speed Pumps make a great addition to an advanced custom pool automation system by providing the ability to automatically operate your pump at different speeds throughout the day, depending on your pool's function and programming.

  • Glacier Chiller

    A Glacier Chiller is a pumping system that draws pool water in and cools it by evaporating the heat. Once the heat is evaporated, it begins pumping the cooled water back into your pool. Glacier Chillers offer you the most refreshing swim experience on the hottest of days.

  • Warranty

    We offer a 2-Year Workmanship Warranty that covers repairs to the pool, plumbing leaks, fitting leaks, and loose tiles and or stones. We do this because we are completely confident in the quality of our work and the talent of our team. Our equipment warranties and our plaster/pebble finish warranties vary depending on the product chosen.

Our Unique Custom Pool Features

When it comes to custom swimming pool features, we happily work with our clients to create unique designs that leave lasting impressions.

These are just a highlighted few of what Picklo Homes’ custom pool builders are capable of; our highly skilled and quality-build-oriented approach to pool building allows our clients to dream big with their pools!

  • Beach entries
  • Sundecks
  • Sheer descents
  • Infinity edge pools
  • Negative edge spas
  • Deck and wall jets
  • Planters
  • Fire Features
  • Weeping walls
  • Slides and private caves

Where We Build Custom Pools

Picklo Homes is proud to build our custom pools in;​

Consult Magnolia's Preferred Custom Pool Builder Today!

For decades now, Picklo Homes has taken a lot of pride in creating unforgettable indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Our drive for high-quality, unmatched customization has made our company the success story it is today, and we would be honored to give your dream all we’ve got!

Schedule your in-depth consultation with Magnolia’s top custom pool builder today. We would love to discuss your vision and help you bring it to life!

Custom Pool FAQs

What are some factors to consider when building a custom pool?

A few things you may want to consider are:

  • The location of your pool
  • The size and depth of your pool
  • The shape you would like your pool to be
  • What type of decking you would like
  • Who will be enjoying your pool? Do you have children?
How long does it take to build a custom pool?

45-60 days depending on the weather.

Do your custom pools come with some type of warranty?

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty on workmanship, a 3-year warranty on most equipment, and a 15-year warranty on the pebble interior finish.

How much does a custom pool cost?

Custom pool costs can range anywhere from $80,000 and up, depending on the complexity of your design choice. The main factors that determine pool costs consist of size, custom features, and the type and how much pool deck you want.

Can I finance my pool and if so, is it hard to do?

Yes. Picklo Homes partners with Lyon Financial for pool financing. It is a very simple and easy process. It can be handled all online.

How do I decide on a pool design?

When working with Picklo Homes on your custom pool design, we will spend time together doing plenty of research on things you like and don’t like. Coming up with a list of styles and designs you like is a great way to get exactly what you want for your private oasis. Our background in home building and home design can bring a unique perspective to ensure your home not only blends in with the surroundings but also with the style of your home.

Can I use my pool all year round?

Of course, depending on the features you would like implemented into your pool design, there are many options available to keep your pool swim-ready all year round.

Picklo Homes uses a 400,000 BTU heater as standard equipment. This heater is large enough to heat a standard size pool in about 24 hours or your spa in about 20-30 minutes.

We can also provide optional pool chillers to keep the water comfortably cool and refreshing on the extremely hot days during July and August.

There are so many creative ways to make your pool experience incredible, some of which include:

  • Fire Pits and fire displays
  • Mesmerizing waterfall features
  • Water fountain features
  • Infinity pool designs
  • Swim-up bar features
  • Stone and rock formation features
  • LED lighting accents
  • Hot tub/spa areas
  • Grottos
  • Slides