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Picking the Perfect Location for Your Custom Home
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Picking the Perfect Location for Your Custom Home

Watching your dreams come true through your new custom home is a feeling that is hard to put into words.

There are many directions to take and a ton of features to consider throughout the building process. The memories you will create in your new home will be treasures that last with you through time. However, they can be affected by a number of factors. One of these factors is where your home is geographically located.

Building the home of your dreams on your own personal lot is a goal for almost any homeowner, but careful consideration should be taken before breaking ground. Together, we can explore the many areas of your life that can be affected when choosing a new location to build your custom home.

Our valuable guide will help you decide on a path that will lead your journey to the best possible outcome for now and memories for your future.

The Activities and Recreation, Your Family Participate In

Does your lifestyle fit more of a cultural and nightlife scene, or is your time best spent in the great outdoors?

There are significant differences between an area like Magnolia, TX, and building your custom home in the heart of the Houston loop.

Taking into consideration the lifestyle and activities that your family enjoys regularly can do wonders for picking the right lot for your custom home. Even additional activities that can be done on your home’s property should be weighed before making a decision.

For example, if you wish to own your own stable and place a number of horses on your property, you are going to need adequate space to make that dream a reality. Building your custom home in an area of high traffic with minimal space may throw a wrench in your plans whereas locating a lot that is more secluded and open will allow your custom home to reach its full potential.

Take time to consider the passions your household participate in and speak with your custom home builder on finding the perfect solution for building a custom home that suits them well.

The Size of Your Family custom home builder plans

Thinking about the size of your family may come into mind when considering how large to build your custom home, but it’s essential also to consider when choosing a location.

School districts and recreational activities that your children are a part of can vary from location to location.

If you are considering or anticipating a change in the number of people living in your home, be sure to build accordingly and not only considering younger children. Young adults are moving back in with their families at all-time highs, and we can’t forget about grandma and grandpa.

No matter your family dynamic, the right custom home builder can help you create memories that span across generations and create a warm home for everyone under your roof.

Your Career Plans and Daily Commute

Careers can change, so can your commute, and if you’re moving, the latter is a virtual guarantee, for better or worse.

Commutes can vary, and depending on your lifestyle and family unit; it may not be a make or break for your move.

But for those who highly value their time and insist on spending as little time in a vehicle as possible, it is an important characteristic to consider when picking the lot for your home.

The perfect location is out there and taking the time to locate a lot that balances work, pleasure, and the time in-between them will only make your new build feel that much more like home.

Local Amenities and Their Commute to and From Your Custom Home

No matter where you build, there are going to be a few constants in your everyday life: errands. Similar to the commute to and from your job, remember to consider the time it will take you to go to and from the other everyday places life takes you such as:

  • The store.
  • The bank.
  • Restaurants and shops.
  • Gas stations.
  • Airports.
  • Emergency rooms/hospitals/doctor’s offices.

And with modern-day conveniences, considerations can be taken a step further.

Is your location too remote to have things such as Uber Eats or groceries delivered?

Is this lot too congested to make such services truly effective?

Location matters and building on your lot may require a compromise on some outside factors to truly gain the home of your dreams. Still, collaborating with a quality custom home builder can provide you with a home that fulfills your desires.

Your Building Plans and Local Regulations

Don’t let bureaucracy get in the way of your dreams; remember to take into account the local regulations that could prevent you from fully building your home.

The last thing you want is to sink money and time into a project that needs to be adjusted or worse, be unable to complete.

Expert custom home builders will be well educated and prepared to assess situations and assist with finding legal solutions to progress your custom home in the appropriate location.

Quality builders will provide the perfect floor plan to fit your family’s needs all while navigating the various zoning codes that govern your lot.

Houston’s Custom Home Builder for Your Perfect Locationhouston custom builders near you

Finding the right lot to build your custom home may take a few additional considerations, but the feeling of watching your custom home become a reality brings everything together.

Creating your custom home to fit your needs and desires is not an easy task, which is why it’s best to trust the experts at Picklo Homes. Picklo Homes has decades of experience bringing their client’s dreams to fruition.

With a large service area that expands over many desirable spots encompassing the Greater Houston area, Picklo Homes bring their impeccable process to your perfect lot to create a custom home that fits your needs.

Contact Picklo Homes and begin building your custom home today!

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