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How to Build Memories in Your New Custom Home
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How to Build Memories in Your New Custom Home

The time is finally right. After saving, planning and carefully deciding, you are embarking to commission your absolute dream house. This is the house you daydreamed about at work. The one you stayed up all night for, looking up ideas with your partner. The testament to your hard work and dedication. There’s only one problem.

Your current house is much more, it is you and your family’s home.

The home that created an oasis on days that didn’t go well at the office. This is the home that your son took his first steps in. The home where you fell in love with your spouse all over again while eating popcorn during bad movie night. This home is a collection of memories that will last a lifetime.


No amount of money can make your new luxury house truly a home filled with instant memories and you can’t buy them as a feature or fixture…or can you?

The experts at Picklo Homes have the tools, experience, and knowledge to help commemorate the fond memories held dear by your family, all while bravely embracing this new chapter in your lives. Follow this guide to repurposing older elements from your current home and incorporating them seamlessly into your new home.

Ideas to Get You Started

Letting go is hard and an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult by bringing life to your new home from your old one. Rustic elements with sentimental value can add true character to your custom home and continues to build on the legacy your family has started.

Bring out the best in your new house with these innovative ideas.

Claw-foot tub converted into Koi fish and water vegetation pond

Turn Your Old Bathtub Into A Garden Fixture

We believe in adding your style into all of the aspects of your new residence. Using an old tub can present an interesting and picturesque aesthetic to your yard or garden. Bathtubs are obviously made to endure water, so they make for the perfect base of a fountain, pond, or underwater garden.

Your new custom home will be the gathering point of your soon-to-be neighbors and an excellent conversation piece. Incorporate other items such as plants from your previous garden to complete this relaxing, rural look.

Old screen door converted into refurbished pantry entry Upcycle Your Screen Door

There are few things more comforting than the sight of a screen door. It may seem a bit strange at first, but in the undisputed home of hospitality, aka the south, you would be hard pressed to not have a memory of either your home or a family member’s and not envision a screen door. Beyond their grand function of allowing cool breezes to pass through all while keeping out unwanted bugs and insects, these doors also serve as a springboard of nostalgia and an easy way to highlight your home.

Together with our partners at Fantastic Faux, we were able to transform this old screen door and give it new life inside our new custom home as a pantry door. The charm and character remain and are given a new platform in which to project its character throughout the kitchen.

The juxtaposition of the past blending with the present and future, bring together homes in a way that is almost indescribable. Our ability to go above and beyond and partnerships allow us to present features other custom home builders simply cannot replicate. Your vision can be brought to life, and the memories you have had will be continued to be shared for years to come.


Example of she-shed built from old windows

Use Windows to Create a Custom Greenhouse/She-Shed

Brighten your backyard with a cozy, new greenhouse and truly express your green thumb! Windows provide natural light and are obviously the perfect choice for providing your plants with protection from outside predators, yet supplying all the sunlight they will ever need. We’ve created a plants’ paradise by reusing older windows and developing walls that accentuate the garden and add to its charm.

Your custom home will have the charm of an elegant country setting in addition to a healthy garden where the only limitations will be in your imagination.

We highly recommend including an herb garden to truly turn your house into a new home. Create new memories around your dinner table by bringing in fresh herbs and spices from your very own garden into mouthwatering dishes to complete the effect.

Working together with the she-shed portion, this homey yet modern feel is kept in uniform by presenting the front of the structure in a clean manner with country appeal.

Helping You Build a Home

New memories and the opportunity to not only build the home of your dreams but also continue to build your family’s story. The experts at Picklo Homes can help you conceptualize your new custom home and develop it into reality. Our builders and engineers have the ability to execute your project down to even the most minuscule details and create a truly custom product in which you’ll be proud to call home for years to come.

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