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Can I Have a Custom Pool Built in My Backyard?
Build a Custom Pool in Your Backyard

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Can I Have a Custom Pool Built in My Backyard?

If you dream of adding a custom pool to your backyard, you have many things to consider before breaking ground.

An in-ground swimming pool is a sizeable investment and long-term commitment, so it’s essential to think about every aspect of the project before you commit. Let’s explore the major considerations for having a custom pool built on your residential property.

Considerations for Having a Swimming Pool Built:

– Size of Your Yard

If you own a home on several acres, the yard size may not affect you, but a smaller yard requires more careful consideration. The average pool covers about a third of available yard space, leaving plenty of room for lounging and safety areas. Measure your yard to establish how much space a pool may take up. On average, pools measure 10 to 15 feet wide and 20 to 30 feet long.

– Land Suitability

The logistics of building a swimming pool in your backyard include the slope and soil type on your property. While a pool installation typically goes smoothly in a relatively level lawn, your installation may require special equipment and techniques if your yard has a steep grade or rocky soil.

– HOA Approval and Permits

Before you start a pool build, research local permitting requirements and speak with your HOA. A custom pool builder may be able to help you procure the proper permit, but you may also need to submit your plans to your HOA for approval. Your municipality may also enforce pool placement and equipment regulations, so be sure to work with a pool builder who can check your local ordinances.

– Pool Equipment

Besides space for the pool, you’ll need ample room to install the proper equipment. In-ground pools require heaters and/or coolers, filters, pumps, and other equipment to function correctly, which must be incorporated into the design or housed nearby.

– Pool Safety Requirements

If you have small children or pets, you may want to have an enclosure built around your pool. Some municipalities require pool barriers of certain heights to ensure safety. You may also want to invest in other safety technologies, such as a water alarm.

– Build Site Accessibility

Digging and installing an in-ground pool requires special machinery, but your builders may be limited due to accessibility issues. Consider how your pool builders will access your backyard and how much space you have between your home and your neighbors’ houses. If you’re unsure whether the proper equipment will fit into your backyard, call a pool building contractor to walk your property.

Why Use an Experienced Pool Builder?

You have many options when choosing a company to build your custom pool, but only experienced builders can ensure that the job gets done right and provide all the customized features you desire.

Experienced local pool builders understand the unique challenges of digging and installing custom pools where you live. By selecting a builder with a long track record of successful installations, you ensure that your in-ground pool project will go as smoothly as possible with proper installation techniques. Experienced builders also have connections with suppliers to offer the most affordable and customizable finish options.

The more experience a pool builder has, the more features they likely provide. For example, Picklo Homes has built many backyard pools with luxurious designs that make homeowners feel like they’ve been transported to an expensive resort. Our custom pool builders have completed projects that incorporate beach entries, sundecks, spas, planters, fire features, slides, and many other stunning features.

If you want a high-quality luxury custom pool, an experienced pool builder like Picklo Homes will provide the best results.

Speak With a Custom Pool Builder Today

Picklo Homes offers more than four decades of experience in the industry, with a gallery full of beautiful custom pool builds. If you let us design and build your custom pool, we’ll provide you with a backyard oasis you’ll never want to leave.

We install custom pools in Magnolia, Humble, Tomball, Cypress, TX, and nearby areas. Contact our team today at 281-252-4447 to schedule a consultation.

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