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Custom Home Builders in Tomball, TX

Our Tomball, TX Custom Home Builders are ready to build your dream home!

If you’ve been dreaming of an old-fashioned little town with wildlife, scenic views, and a more relaxed way of living, Tomball’s got everything you need. It’s a great place to plant your roots while keeping out of the city’s hustle and bustle.

Only 20 minutes from The Woodlands and 40 minutes from downtown Houston, the city life is only a short trip away for those days you need to get out on the town.

Whenever you get ready to settle down, an experienced custom home builder is the way to go!

Planning to build a custom house in a place like Tomball makes getting exactly what you want easily attainable.

From uniquely designed swimming pools to walk-in closets for two, an experienced custom home builder can turn your lot space into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Take a look at some of our recent custom homes.
From Transitional Craftsman to European Country, view some of our latest custom home projects.

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Custom Homes that Perfectly Fit Your Tomball Lifestyle

Custom home builders have the skill to build every aspect of your home while creating a perfect oasis for your lifestyle.

Using custom builders for your new home is an exciting way to craft exactly what you want and what you need, all under the same roof.

Here at Picklo Homes, we believe that building a home should be all about the resident- what fits their lifestyle, what would improve their lifestyle, and how we can create a space that they’ll never want to leave.

Tomball, TX is perfect for anyone looking to dream big and live their life to the fullest with a custom-built home.

The Impactful Benefits of

Building a Custom Home

  • Complete Personalization

    The most obvious advantage to building a custom home is the ability to personalize every inch completely.

    With prebuilt cookie-cutter homes, it’s incredibly hard to get everything you want, and making changes to achieve that may end up costing much more than its worth.

    When you decide to build your custom home, the sky’s the limit (for the most part).

    You won’t need to worry about not having enough closet space or wishing you had a bigger kitchen or a more luxurious bathroom; a custom home builder can make all of that happen.

  • Maximum Functionality

    When purchasing a pre-existing house, most people have to settle with the existing floor plan and deal with any awkward or poorly sized spaces.

    With a custom-built home, you can plan out every room foot by foot, making every space in your home appropriately functional for your family and fully utilized in every way you desire.

  • High-Quality Materials


    Building a custom home involves much more than creating an inviting foyer.

    When you choose to build a custom house, you can be as particular as you want.

    From choosing door knobs, and light switches, to unique fireplace coverings, every aspect of materials is left up to your imagination.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Another significant benefit of building a custom home is taking advantage of energy efficiency.

    Choosing all new appliances and opting for energy-efficient products will allow you to get everything you want for your home, all while conserving and using energy responsibly.

  • You Are Paying for EXACTLY what you want

    When building a custom home to fit your lifestyle, you aren’t paying for a house you have to change, update, or settle with, you’re getting everything you want all at once.

Tomball’s Favorite Custom Home Builder

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Our experienced custom home builders have everything it takes to build your vision and exceed all of your expectations.

Let us create the home you’ve always wanted.