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Emotions When Building a Custom Home

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The Custom Home Building Journey

Embarking on your custom home journey can be a multitude of things.

You may be feeling a bit of freedom, a chance to fully realize your dreams awaits, this is your ultimate moment of self-expression.

You may be feeling a sense of excitement. The years you have put before this moment have lead you and your family here. It is a reward for your previous endeavors and a testament to the life you have worked diligently to uphold.

And then there’s fear.

Fear that things may not go according to plan. The fear and anxiety that can be commonly associated with the unknown.

Will the family enjoy this space in the manner as your previous residence?

What will it take to truly make this house a home?

Are you getting too deep into a project that will ultimately fail?




Let’s cut through the negativity and remind you that you haven’t worked this hard and came this far to not simply enjoy the moment, the process. Even if the process of custom home building will add a bit of stress in your life, it is only temporary and such a rewarding process.


Even if you are going to have doubts throughout the process of custom home building, remember that this is a dream you should be excited about and deserve to enjoy:


  • The future of watching The Big Game while your husband grills a feast for you and your friends.


  • Enjoying the media room with your kids and their friends while viewing the latest superhero movie release.


  • The prospect of watching your grandchildren show you what they’ve learned at swimming lessons in your luxurious heated pool.


The memories that await your family are endless when you design your own custom home! Okay, okay so now that we’ve taken a deep breath, let’s take a better look at some great ideas to help your custom home building journey not only start but flourish.


Need to make your house a home? Follow us we know the way.


Custom Kitchens That Suit Your Tastes

Beautiful custom built kitchen


It’s been said many times that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes. There’s a big reason for that:


Humans love food.


Eating is so much more than simply nourishing one’s body. It is a social celebration and a culinary adventure. It is where our primal needs meet our aesthetic desires. It’s no secret, a good meal is a perfect cornerstone to any occasion, so it should come as no surprise that often times the kitchen is the social hotspot and a focal point of your home.


Using custom home builders to design your kitchen is an open love letter to your culinary dreams and the stomachs to all who will grace your home throughout the years. The memories created cooking the perfect dishes with and for loved ones, the romantic evenings with your partner, and the inevitable cooking disaster that results in a last-minute pizza delivery will all become pages in the book of your family history to cherish and behold.


Custom homes allow for custom palates to really unite and deliver some of the coolest opportunities for your home building process.


Into pizza? Like really into pizza?

Of course, you are, that’s why you called the local spot when you overcooked that new Pinterest recipe.

Skip the ordinary and add a fully functioning wood-fire brick pizza oven to your new custom home.

Maybe you’re a baking phenom, add an extra oven to your layout.


Custom light fixtures are another great way to make a statement and truly tell your family’s story through the expressions of architecture and design.


King of the grill?

Customize your outdoor kitchen as well, but don’t forget to add an island with available seating. This is the perfect way to cut, season, marinate, and prep all while you entertain your bros and share a brew.


The opportunities are endless when designing your new kitchen space and are only the beginning of seizing a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime in your new home.


Spa Treatment from the Comfort of Home

custom master shower Houston, TX


We already told you, kitchens and bathrooms are the cliches of the real estate conversation; however, there’s some evidence to support this and it should not be ignored.


Bathrooms may not always get the most flattering of depictions, but they are in fact opportunities within your living space that custom home builders can use to create an experience that allows for a decedent, unparalleled luxury.


A long day at the office?


Curl up with a book and your favorite glass of wine in your new bathtub and forget the stresses of your daily grind. Add dimmer lights for an instant way to create an intimate setting without much of the need for additional setups such as candles.


Just want to get to the point? That’s fine too!


Customized showers with dark stone aesthetics and showerheads that can deliver levels of comfort for sore muscles will allow you to quickly bathe all while still experiencing an extra level of luxury to recharge and recover.


Bathrooms may begin with your personal oasis; however, they also offer the perfect chance to provide your guests with an extra level of comfort that will allow them to feel just as at home as you and your family. Provide a unique look to each bathroom and create custom living spaces that can become exclusive to your guests. This provides both parties with a level of privacy all while maintaining the collective homely feeling.


Don’t forget about bathrooms and spaces outside of your home. No, we’re not talking about an outhouse!


Guest rooms, mother-in-law homes, poolhouses, etc. are all additional luxuries to add to your home and properly equip with modern amenities for the times you are hosting.


Impress Your Guests With Custom Living Spaces


Last, but far from least, are the wonderful possibilities that come with customizing your living spaces.


In the digital era, it is hard to picture a living space in which the focal point isn’t technology, but with so many available options, you have the chance to create a truly unique space for you and your guests that include and go beyond simply installing a TV.


Yes, screens, speakers, home assistants, etc. can all play a fun role in transforming a common area into a space filled with modern convenience, but while they may be the beginning of customizing your home, they surely are far from the end.


Decorating your living spaces with art and fixtures will give life to your design and provide visual focal points that go beyond a screen.


Think functionality along with comfort. If you have a large dog or plenty of young children do you really need fragile pieces of furniture? Or will a big comfy couch suit your family’s lifestyle better?


Consider how your livable spaces will be utilized and customize them accordingly to not only save on headaches but improve your overall experience when using these areas in your new home.


In addition to these tips, don’t limit yourself to one “box”.


What we mean by this is to think about where and how you will entertain throughout your new home.


Create an inviting space with an outdoor kitchen if your family is more prone to spend time in the lawn and garden rather than in front of the TV.


Add a media room with the greatest surround sound known to man, a mini-fridge filled with local, craft beers, and big leather recliners if you’re a cinephile.


The overall goal is to think beyond the traditional, standard ideas associated with a living room.


This is your time to shine as an entertainer and homebody. A chance to provide your family and friends with areas to socialize and develop stronger bonds through media and conversation.


Custom Home Dreams into a Reality


The process, the considerations, and the memories that will be created. Enjoy them all and revel in the opportunity to express yourself through your home and design.


Are you already thinking of starting your journey in custom home building?


Get to know Terry and Nick Picklo along with the amazing team of Picklo Homes, one of Houston’s top 100 custom home builders. Experts in their craft, Terry and his group of associates have been helping build clients their dreams since 1981. With their attention to detail and expertise, they have the tools to transform your dream home into a reality.

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