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Customize Your Summer Memories With A Custom Built Home

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Custom Homes Built For Summer

Seasons come and go, and the world keeps turning, but summertime in Texas is always a welcomed time in our lives.

Sure, other parts of the country may think we’re crazy to endure this heat and humidity every year, but we see the beauty that is beyond those elements.

The long nights on the back patio opening a few cold ones with our neighbors and loved ones as the kids run in and out of the backyard.

Wondrous barbeques with long days smoking pork and brisket accompanied by mouthwatering staples such as burgers or hot dogs.

And, of course, the premier Texan summer experience: the refreshing sight and experience of a long day poolside…Just looking at those things is enough to relax a person.

Yes, Houston, Texas is hot, but it is also wondrous and it begs the question:

What can you create to enhance your summertime experience?

Creating memories through your custom home has never been easier and with the distinct positioning of modern technology and your nostalgic summertime memories, the foundation is set to create your vision for the ultimate summertime paradise through your new custom home.

Before You Build Your Custom Home Summer Features

The only limitations are really your imagination and budget and even then, with the right custom home builder, both will be maximized to fulfill your dreams to the fullest.

Not sure where to start?

The best idea is to begin basic and to categorize the features you will be planning into two different categories: needs and wants.

Prioritize the lifestyle that you and your family unit are accustomed to and create from there.

Not a big swimmer? Skip the pool.

Love to garden and entertain? Create that beautiful shaded gazebo surrounded by your favorite summer perennials.

You’re in the driver’s seat, go forth!

Summertime Ideas to Feature

Summer is great and you know it. You’re saving, you’re planning, you’re daydreaming and more, all about your custom home and the next chapter of your family’s life. Now it’s time to get started on turning those dreams into reality.

Still unsure in which direction to lean?

Take some inspiration from our collection of thoughts.

Custom Pools Are a Modern Oasis

Custom pool design

How big are you willing to go for your own personal watering hole?

A beautiful custom pool can transform your outdoor living space in a multitude of ways ranging from the therapeutic to the outlandish and everything in between:

  • Create an entertaining backdrop for the ages. Sleek stylish pools can be utilized for much more than swimming. Entertain your guests around your decorated pool for your own private slice of paradise. Bonus tip: add fire features around your pool to maximize its use in the winter time while keeping everyone nice and cozy.
  • Two words: water features. Waterfalls and fountains of all shapes and sizes are available for a variety of functions. Create a scenic background for the perfect natural look or add in some fun fountains for the kids to swim through.
  • Have a drink without leaving the pool. Just because you’re thirsty doesn’t mean you need to abandon your Texan water refuge, pull up to the poolside bar and enjoy a refreshing beverage with your friends.
  • Relax, you work hard, design your own mini-lazy river. They’re not just for resorts anymore. You can even go a step further by creating a wondrous experience by having it pass through caves and waterfalls to totally immerse yourself in an extravagant slow moving water haven.
  • Take control of your depths. Create a pool with depths for everyone. Have a splash pad nearby for the toddlers and kids while the adults can enjoy something a little deeper. Section off a piece for the future Olympian in the family and create a deep training area for their daily workout. The possibilities are endless.
  • Think outside the pool. Adding luxurious areas to congregate before, during, after, or even instead of swimming can bring tremendous value to your pool experience. Form an island in the middle of the pool with a sunken in area surrounded by water but filled with comfortable outdoor furniture. Add a nearby hot tub for those colder evenings.

Pools are a great addition for those looking for a more aquatic lifestyle and can keep you cool all summer despite the additional time spent outdoors. Pool homes can also make a great apartment space for visitors to ensure everyone is afforded their own piece of privacy while maintaining comfort and peace.

Thinking Outside of the Pool for Your Custom Home

Having a magnificent water feature such as a pool presents a great way to enjoy your outdoor living areas during the heat but it isn’t the only feature homeowners can use.

During your custom home building process, you will be amazed by the options available:

  • A patio that will rival your indoor living space. Develop the perfect patio equipped with fans, luxury furniture, retractable windows, air conditioning and more. Enjoy the outdoors while receiving the modern comforts of the indoors.
  • Build a quaint gazebo. The coverage can keep you cool as you relax among your garden and forget about the stress of everyday life.
  • Dinner is served, create an outdoor kitchen. Entertain guests or keep date night at home for once with an exquisite candlelit meal from your outdoor kitchen. Customize your kitchen with unique features such as wood-fired pizza ovens or your own hibachi grill to have the number 1 underground restaurant in no time. Don’t forget the drinks! Add in a few fridges to seamlessly keep your beverages close and your food cool when prepping.
  • Remember those fire features? Tie it all together. Go beyond a few simple, yet tasteful fire features to accent your pool or general outdoor space, create a fireplace that is sure to be a smores hotspot during the cooler months and a place to congregate during the summer. Create a cover and design a beautiful customized table where your friends and family can gather to create new memories for years to come.
  • Yard games, what more do you need? Design the perfect game night by developing a customized space filled with things such as human-sized chess pieces, giant Jenga, or cornhole.
  • Additional games and sporting areas. A basketball and tennis area equipped with lights, a bocce ball pit, a miniature soccer field. Whatever your sport is, take advantage and get active in a fun and inviting way.

Use your imagination and watch your ideas spark into life. There are plenty of other options and additions available:

  • A miniature golf course.
  • A personal outdoor bowling alley.
  • The biggest waterslide this side of the Colorado River.

Speak with your custom home builder and develop a strategy to include and get the most out of your outdoor space.

Custom Home Outdoor Spaces for Summer Made Simple

Developing your custom home is a serious endeavor.

Your family’s safety, finances, and standard of living are all on the line but with the right custom home builder, this process can be rewarding and seamless.

If you are in the market and looking to fulfill your custom home dreams, Contact Picklo Homes, the team that has been making dreams come true for decades.

From Magnolia to College Station, to Huntsville and even Sugar Land, come see how their expert team can have your home perfect for the summer and all year long.

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