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Building a Custom Smart Pool
Custom Smart Pool Technology

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Building a Custom Smart Pool

Smart technology is growing rapidly, and it’s not just for your smartphone. Many homeowners are opting to integrate innovative technologies into their custom swimming pools to make them more efficient and user-friendly than ever before. Smart pools are the luxury pool experience of the future.

What Is a Smart Pool?

A smart pool is a swimming pool that uses the most up-to-date technology to monitor and manage various functions. Smart pools (also sometimes called intelligent pools or future pools) have built-in automated systems to ensure they run at peak performance all year.

Not long ago, traditional swimming pools were a homeowner’s only option. Many people still use them today and have to clean the pool and check for chemical imbalances manually. Pool upkeep can be a hassle, but smart technology for custom pools makes it easy.

Smart Technology Offers Maximum Control at Your Fingertips

Do you ever wish it didn’t take so much time and effort to operate and maintain your swimming pool? Well, your wish just came true! Smart technology allows you to control your pool’s various functions anytime, anywhere, with the tap of a screen.

Smart Salt Chlorinators

With a smart salt chlorinator, your pool automatically tracks the water chemistry and adjusts chemical levels accordingly. The computer will monitor water flow through a salt cell or sensor that measures chlorine levels in the pool and adds more chlorine when needed based on preset programs and settings.

Smart Pool Pumps

Smart pool pumps allow you to control your pool’s circulation and filtration with the quick touch of a button. You can also set specific schedules to ensure your pumps are running how you want them to and when you want them to. Not only does this make your life easier, but it can also help you save money on energy use by turning your pump down whenever needed.

Self-cleaning Technology

Self-cleaning technology is the next evolution of pool care. Instead of manually cleaning your pool, self-cleaning technology uses several processes to keep it clean and sparkling without much human intervention. The smart device will automatically start operating according to its schedule.

High winds can cause twigs, leaves, and other debris to collect in your swimming pool. This not only makes the pool look bad, but it also pollutes the water. Self-cleaning technology offers peace of mind knowing your pool will keep itself clean.

Automated Heating & Cooling

Smart heating and cooling systems use various cutting-edge technologies to make your swimming pool comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year. Smart pools with automated heating and cooling technology can regulate the water temperature and keep it ready for use.

Smart Pool Lighting

You can also install low-voltage LED lighting to reduce your electrical bill while you enjoy the ability to control your pool experience from your smart phone or tablet.

The Impactful Benefits of Smart Pool Technology

Innovative pool technology helps you care for your private oasis better than ever. Installing a smart pool gives you access to numerous benefits, including:

  • Saved time: Monitoring and managing a traditional swimming pool requires hours of constant attention. However, a smart pool does all the heavy lifting and frees up your schedule.
  • Saving money: State-of-the-art technology like smart pool pumps and smart lighting systems save you money by reducing energy costs. Self-cleaning technology keeps your pool in tip-top condition, saving you from costly repairs and endless maintenance.
  • Increasing your home’s value: Are you planning to sell your home eventually? Installing a smart pool can increase your home’s market value. This means you’ll be able to sell more quickly and profitably.

Consult an Expert Custom Pool Builder Today

Smart pools help make your backyard paradise as comfortable, sustainable, and efficient as possible.

Picklo Homes is the top custom pool builder in Texas, using only the highest-quality materials and the most advanced technology to create the perfect custom pool design for your needs. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction and won’t stop until we achieve it.

Contact us today at (281) 252-4447 to start designing and building the swimming pool of your dreams.

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