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Tips for Building a Custom Pool in Magnolia, TX
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Tips for Building a Custom Pool in Magnolia, TX

Are you interested in building a custom pool in the backyard of your Magnolia, TX, home?

While pool construction can seem daunting at first, the following tips promise to streamline the process, ensuring you end up with a beautiful pool that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Choose a Pool Designer that Understands Your Vision

First and foremost, when working with a custom pool designer, it’s important to do your research beforehand and try to be somewhat prepared.

It’s best to come to your custom pool consultation with a good idea of what you want out of your new outdoor space. The best way to achieve this is by collecting inspiration from custom pool designs on sites like Pinterest. Also, be sure to review the builder’s portfolio of pools and ask plenty of questions until you are comfortable with your decision.

At Picklo Homes, our specialized expertise in custom pool design allows us to provide you with various options for your custom pool along with outstanding features.

Modern Pool Features for Your Texas Oasis

With so many options available, choosing the best features to add to your custom swimming pool can be overwhelming.

To help with the process, we’ve put together the following list of custom pool features that we think provide the most bang for your buck.

LED Lighting

The right LED lighting can transform your pool into a work of art. Consider incorporating underwater lighting, laminar jets, and plenty of up-lighting to give your pool a desirable glow.

Swim-Up Bar

Do you plan on frequently having guests over? A swim-up bar can be a useful feature, allowing you to combine your pool with enjoyable beverages and social relaxation, completely enhancing your pool experience.

Fire Features

These are elegant and understated features that truly bring outdoor spaces to life. Poolside fire pits are great for late-night entertainment and are ideal for creating an inviting and luxurious mood.

Custom Spa Areas

Nothing beats soothing relaxation after a dip in your backyard oasis. Add a bit of serenity to your pool experience by including a custom spa area.


Waterfalls are another custom pool feature that can help you transform your entire backyard and provide the soothing sound of falling water.


Chillers are pumping systems that draw pool water in, evaporating the heat to cool it before pumping the water back into your pool. They offer you the most refreshing swimming experiences, especially during hot Texas days.

Smart Pool Control Technology

Modernize your custom pool further by implementing innovative technology that lets you control elements of your pool, such as temperature, the pumps, lighting, and more, all from a convenient control panel and even your phone.

While all of these custom pool features are great, they aren’t always a match for every client. It’s important to work with your pool designer to understand the benefits of certain features and how they affect your bottom line.

Consider What You Can Maintain Physically & Financially

An important element to consider when hiring a custom pool builder is what you can maintain both physically and financially.

Finding a swimming pool contractor who can provide you with a pool design that falls within your desired budget is going to be crucial. After all, your new pool is supposed to be a tranquil source of pride and joy, not a financial burden or stressor.

Be wary of custom pool builders that are trying to upsell you on every “must-have” feature for your new pool unless you have an open-ended budget.

You also need to consider the amount of work that will be required to maintain your pool. Of course, you can always hire a pool company to provide weekly maintenance and chemicals but there will still undoubtedly be occasional maintenance on your behalf as well.

Clearly Communicate What You Want from Your Pool Experience

Once you hire an expert builder, it is essential to establish clear and open communication with them.

Different homeowners have varying wants. Some wish to create a private oasis, while others are interested in building the perfect family pool. The builder is there to help you actualize your dream pool, so communicating your precise wishes is crucial.

Additionally, building a custom pool has multiple moving parts. As the one meant to enjoy the pool in the end, it is understandable to have questions. You should be as involved in the process as you desire.

Consult Magnolia’s Top Custom Pool Builder Today

Your pool should be more than a place to wet your feet. It should help you create lasting memories and experiences only steps away from your back door.

Don’t trust your custom oasis to anyone; get in touch with Picklo Homes today at (281) 252-4447 for an in-depth consultation with the best custom pool builder in Magnolia, TX.

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