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How Much Does a Custom Pool Cost in Magnolia, TX?
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How Much Does a Custom Pool Cost in Magnolia, TX?

Considering the Texas heat, a large number of Magnolia residents opt to have a custom pool in their backyard as a way to cool off during those hot summer months. However, a custom pool offers so much more. Regardless of your comfort requirements, style preferences, and luxurious needs, a custom pool promises to provide you and your family with an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the almost endless design possibilities custom pool builders can implement, you can create a life-changing private resort that is only steps away from your door.

Over the years, our pool company has accumulated a portfolio of impressive, mesmerizing, and incredible custom pool designs and builds, providing families in Magnolia, TX, with priceless experiences.

In that time, one question we continuously get from clients is regarding cost. This article helps answer this question for you by looking at all the factors that determine custom pool pricing.

The Basic Pool Build Pricing Factors

A Picklo Homes custom swimming pool starts at around $70,000, with this price varying depending on several factors. The following are some of the basic pool-build pricing factors we consider.

Size –

One of the main things that will influence how much your pool will cost is how big you want your custom pool to be. Size not only refers to your pool’s width but also its depth. The bigger the pool, the more costly it will be because more material and labor will go into designing and building it.

Type –

You can choose from several different types of custom pools, ranging from an outdoor resort experience to an indoor custom pool. Location and design are very critical aspects to consider when choosing a custom pool plan.

Customization –

A custom pool is all about the personalized customization you add to it. However, these customizations can increase your pool’s total price. The more complex the style, technology, and custom features your pool has, the more costly it will be, especially if you opt for high-end tech.
Some of the customizations clients opt for include fiber optic pool lights, slides, waterfalls, and certain water features like bubblers and fountains.

Material –

You have the option of choosing from many different custom pool materials that will allow you to make your pool design your own. From the type of pool surfacing you choose to your decking options, there is much to consider.

Custom Pool Features

Have you given any thought to the types of custom pool features you may want? Picklo Homes provides you with skilled custom pool builder experience by working closely with you to create unique designs in line with your needs and preferences.

Using only the highest quality materials and equipment to create the best possible outcomes, the following are some of the most common custom pool features that can be implemented in your custom pool build.

Glacier Chiller –

This feature is a pumping system that draws your pool water in, evaporating the heat to cool the water. Afterward, the glacier chiller pumps the cool water back into your custom pool or spa, providing you with the most refreshing swim experience, even on the hottest Magnolia, TX day.

Variable Speed Pumps –

Variable speed pumps are excellent additions to your pool’s automation system. This feature provides you with the ability to automatically control your pump at varying speeds throughout the day, depending on your custom pool’s programming and function.

LED Lighting –

Would you like to have the option of refreshing night swims? The extensive color and style options that LED lighting comes with promise to add visibility and character to your custom pool. On top of that, with these lights using very low voltage, you can experience stunning visuals without spending much on electrical costs. These are only a few of what our highly-skilled, quality-build-oriented team is capable of implementing.

Some of the other custom features you might want to consider include:

  • Sundecks
  • Beach entries
  • Fire features
  • Weeping walls
  • Infinity edge pools

Benefits of Building a Custom Swimming Pool

Though swimming pools and spas have existed for centuries, the experience modern pools offer is much different. With the right custom pool builder, you can create the perfect backyard oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

Entertainment – 

A custom pool can be the perfect focal point for outdoor gatherings. You can utilize a large patio area or deck for parties, with your pool’s shallow end acting as an ideal spot for lounging and relaxing. Why spend money on traveling and vacation when you have the perfect source of entertainment in your backyard?

Improved Health –

Besides the great fun custom pools provide, they also offer several health benefits. For instance, a soak in your pool can help you unwind after long days and lower your stress levels. Swimming is also a low-impact activity that relieves pressure on sore joints and benefits your mental health.
With a custom pool, you have access to a place where you can do aqua therapy, get cardiovascular exercise, and build your strength and stamina.

Increase in Home Value –

A custom pool can significantly increase your home’s value. For instance, owning an inground pool can raise the value of your property by up to 15%, depending on your area’s real estate values.
Though some potential buyers might not be interested in a custom pool’s additional expense and maintenance, others will view the addition as the main selling point.

Contact the Top Custom Pool Builder in Magnolia, TX

The key to enjoying these benefits is working with the right custom pool builder. At Picklo Homes, we have the skill and experience needed to bring your vision to life, helping you achieve your desired custom pool experience.

Our team’s focus on quality and service has made us the leading choice in custom living in Magnolia, TX.
Reach out to us today at 281-252-4447 to learn more about the cost of a custom pool build, and let us provide you and your family with the backyard oasis of your dreams.

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