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One of the most remarkable commonalities in the human experience is that we aren’t so common after all.

We each have our own unique set of gifts, passions, desires, likes, dislikes, etc.  

Humanity is filled with a variety of opportunities for self-expression.

The truth is that indulging in them is a great way to stay creative, reduce stress, renew one’s mind, and maximize all the great things that life has to offer.

Houstonians are familiar with construction. Texas is a never-ending construction project that creates an ever-changing landscape. We see building after building, roads and bridges, parking lots, and just about anything else imaginable continuously built to accommodate society; however, what about using construction to build upon your passions?

Have you ever considered that beyond your new custom home’s aesthetics and location awaits the ability to create spaces dedicated to all that lights a fire in your soul?

Building a space for your passion is where great custom home builders truly showcase their ability to transform your house into a home. 

She-sheds, man caves, and studies all have their place. They can be great areas to relax and work on what you love, but we’re looking to take this to the next level.

Custom home building means that you get to take into consideration additional details and truly set up your home for whatever your heart desires. Together, we can look at some ideas to take your next crafting space above and beyond the normal into a real haven of creation.


Custom built living space

Building Your Passions: Ideas to Get You Started

Expression through the look of your home is a glorious thing. Custom home building is quite the emotional journey; however, finding the right furniture, fixtures, and pieces of art to accent your perfect look is a great way to make a statement with your home and extremely rewarding

But curating custom spaces for your inner desires takes this journey to an entirely different level. Let’s look closer at some great ideas to take a piece of your custom home and create your perfect space of expression.

Your Own Private Recording Studio

A musician’s dream, the home studio. You may not be Stevie Ray Vaughn but when has that stopped you?

And rightfully so!

Your music deserves a space to be created and remembered. Add in additional instruments beyond what you know and learn a new skill or have them ready for when the rest of the band comes in for a jam session.

This is a great addition to any custom home build where music plays a bigger role within the family unit. Soundproofing the walls will provide the expert studio sound and double as a fantastic barrier to keep the sound away from the rest of your home.

Go all out and don’t forget the studio light. If the light is on, a recording is now in session and can notify those on the other side of the door. The perfect way to avoid unwanted interruptions and provide privacy as you create.

Create Art in Your Custom Workspace

Drawings, sketches, doodles…your notepads, workbooks, and school desks have seen them all at some point. Kick it up a notch and customize your own artistic workspace.

Great custom home builders are key for the execution of this idea, as their knowledge, experience, and depth of partners will allow you to customize your room to accommodate the art you wish to create.

A messy mural room probably shouldn’t have carpet with paint splashing about and in the same manner, your professional photo shoot won’t look too great if the lighting is an issue.

Speak to your custom home builders about the specific goals you have set for your art studio and formulate a game plan for the end result. Doing this beforehand can save from any unnecessary headaches and help accomplish your artistic goals in a far more seamless manner.

A Novel Idea: A Writing Office

Custom built home office
Get in touch with your inner Hemingway by transforming a simple office space dedicated to your love for the written word.

Studies and libraries are great; however, expanding this concept and filling it with muses and materials will provide the ideal space for any author.

Whether you decide to use modern digital tools or commit to sticking with the basics, your writing office should be customized to inspire yet also a conducive working environment.

Isolating yourself while surrounded by inspirational items, whichever they may be for you, is a great way to push through even the most difficult of writer’s block. Two great additions for any writer is a great reading nook to reread and reflect upon their works and the works of others. A wall or board dedicated to plotting your storyline is another amazing tool that can further help you create content.

Never Buy a Gym Membership Again

Monthly memberships to travel in traffic at an inconvenient time and share smelly equipment with strangers.

Oh, what fun.

The truth is, gym memberships can be great additions to our health and therefore our lives but when it comes down to it, nothing beats your own personal space to exercise.

Even if lifting weights isn’t your thing, this is another particular project in which having the right custom home builder will be of tremendous help:

  • Customize a wall or two into a rock climbing spectacle.
  • An indoor basketball or soccer court is a great way to stay in shape, rain or shine.
  • Swim laps in your indoor heated pool and elevate your heart rate to a healthy level daily.

Racquetball, obstacle courses, etc., here, the only limitations are your imagination.

Space For Your Side Hustle

As we’ve discussed, there are a million passions and each is unique to you as an individual.

Whatever talent you possess and do well enough to charge others for, dedicate a space to it and watch your talent flourish.

The Internet has been a game changer for many different entrepreneurs and with a custom built home, you have the opportunity to optimize your business space.

Logistical issues can exist for any business and ensuring your inventory, materials, and products can be critical to the execution of your business activities. Speak with your custom home builder about your business aspirations and construct a plan to optimize your hustle.

Unleash Your Inner Mixologist

A custom kitchen is a great way to showcase your culinary skills but to truly be the life of the party, provide guests with an over the top home bar to relax and imbibe in.

Hosting a party will never be the same as you accommodate your pickiest of friends with a wide selection of spirits or match the majesty of your big screen with a grand selection of beers on draught.

Looking for an interesting and fun investment?

Wine is a great commodity and a personal cellar is not only a potential financial endeavor but a destination and statement within your custom built home.

The fun doesn’t have to stop indoors. Stocking an outdoor bar with plenty of cold drinks and spirits is the perfect addition to any outdoor entertaining space.

Supporting Houston’s Passions

Since the early ‘80s, the expert custom home builders of Picklo Homes have been supporting and fulfilling customer’s passions through their homes.

Our customized planning and extensive partnerships can take your desires and execute them in a timely manner without taking shortcuts. Call us today at (281)252-4447 and together we can discuss how to implement your passions into your new custom home.

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