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Designing the Perfect Custom Craftsman Style Home
Traditional Craftsman Style Home

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Designing the Perfect Custom Craftsman Style Home

If you love the unique style of homes from days passed when they exuded luxury and care, a craftsman style home may be just what you need.

Craftsman style homes have vast amounts of character and are beautifully unique from most homes built today. They emphasize the handmade quality of a custom construction home built with love, experience, and attention to detail.

Here, we explore the enduring design elements of these homes as well as the customization possibilities, to impart why this magnificent home style has never faded in popularity despite the changing times.

Custom Craftsman Style Home

What Is a Craftsman Style Home?

A craftsman style home is an American architectural style originally popularized between 1900 and 1930. Influenced by the British Arts and Crafts movement and American architects, the Greene brothers; this building style went a long way to promoting the work of artisans and championing handmade over machine-cut creations.

This architectural tradition gained popularity as a counter to mass-produced buildings that lacked character. These mass-produced homes were built quickly and cheaply to house the many people moving from rural to urban areas to participate in the Industrial Revolution.

Craftsman architecture was popular in the Midwest and Southern California, emphasizing the beauty of natural materials. The love for craftsman homes spread across the U.S. and quickly became a favorite of many builders and homeowners looking to build their dream homes.

The Traditional Design Elements

There’s something intuitively American about a craftsman style home. This architectural style offers intricate exterior and interior design elements that keep the eyes interested and the heart full of admiration. A craftsman style home is easy to spot as it has distinctive features that you can’t easily replicate with other architectural styles.

Some of the most distinctive exterior features of this home design include:

  • A front porch with full or partial width, sheltered underneath the main roof or under an extended but separate roof
  • A low-pitched, gabled roof
  • A partially paned door
  • Distinctive stone details, featuring concrete block, brick, or stucco
  • An earthy palette in greens and browns
  • Exposed rafter tails and beams, or knee braces
  • Multi-pane six-over-one or four-over-one double-hung windows
  • Single dormers wide enough for two to three windows
  • Tapered front columns that rest on a massive stone, supporting the porch roof

As soon as you walk into one of these cozy homes, you immediately notice:

  • Distinctive and airy living rooms with a focus on natural light, double doors for indoor/outdoor living, and off-the-porch access
  • Earthy and neutral walls and ceilings
  • Eat-in kitchens often with a breakfast nook
  • Heavy emphasis on natural materials such as stone facades, elaborate millwork, hardwood flooring, and exposed ceiling beams
  • Prominent fireplaces
  • Built-in bookcases
  • Separate dining rooms

Traditional Custom Craftsman Style Home

How to Bring Custom Home Elements Into a Craftsman Design

If you wish to infuse a bit of the modern times in your craftsman style home to keep it in line with modern living, you can employ several custom home design elements.
This architectural style focuses on the family lifestyle, so installing a custom and functional kitchen with all the modern appliances would make a lot of sense. This upgrade will allow you to spend quality family time in this space, while still enjoying the originally intended motif.

You can ensure that your home’s exterior is in keeping with the craftsman style by adding premium elements such as an earthy color palette, stone steps, cedar shakes, and a colorful front garden.
You can also implement modern smart lighting to emphasize the design of your front columns and decorative support brackets under the eaves and siding trim to give your craftsman style home a unique look.

Modernizing a craftsman style home is an undertaking that requires much care and experience to avoid removing the crucial design elements that give this style its characteristic charm.
Partnering with an experienced custom home builder will enable you to balance pairing the unique features of a craftsman style home with modern details that fit your lifestyle.

A few modern features that are sure to please your desire to have a custom craftsman style home include:

  • Modern hardwood floors
  • A bay window seat in the living room/bedrooms and breakfast nook in the kitchen
  • Creative interior and exterior smart lighting
  • Unique window seating
  • Modern window panes and unique doors
  • A current style kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a center kitchen island, and modern cabinetry
  • Thoughtfully painted/stained wood panels, beams, and built-ins
  • Natural materials on your interior fixtures such as granite, quartz, or marble floors, sinks, and countertops

Trust Your Craftsman Style Dream Home to an Expert Custom Home Builder

At Picklo Homes, we are proud to be a luxury custom home builder of choice throughout Magnolia, TX, and the surrounding areas. We have over 40 years of experience helping clients make their vision of a custom craftsman style home a reality.

As passionate custom home builders, we can help you understand and build a craftsman style home that exudes beauty, a modern touch, and all the traditional charm you desire.
Our custom home design and build process is simple, collaborative, flexible, and completely personalized to your needs. Whatever your desire, our design consultants and construction experts will execute your custom home vision accurately to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Let us build you a custom craftsman home you will be proud of. Call (281) 252-4447 today or request a consultation online. Our building experts will get in touch promptly to discuss your unique design ideas and needs.

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