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Crown Ranch: The Crown Jewel of Magnolia, Texas
Crown Ranch neighborhood entrance.

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Crown Ranch- Magnolia, Texas

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city yet near many modern amenities is a neighborhood that is as breathtaking to enter into for the millionth time as it was the very first. We’re speaking of course about the magnificent home to many of Magnolia, Texas’s finest residents, Crown Ranch.

Founded in 2007, this resilient neighborhood has grown into a highly desired oasis for those who are looking to live a modern life but with the balance of nature and without the negative aspects that can accompany city living.

As a popular neighborhood for those building their dream homes, Crown Ranch is positioned to provide a higher level of comfort and greater freedom of luxury for its residents.

So, what exactly makes Crown Ranch such a great place to live?

This article takes a closer look at Crown Ranch and highlights the beautiful components that work together to create a neighborhood that you will not only find desirable but will also be proud to be a part of and call home.

Crown Ranch is Spacious and Respectful of Nature

The Crown Ranch development has the usual outdoor amenities you may expect in a typical, modern neighborhood.

The tennis courts are lovely, the man-made water features are pristine, and the pool is a social gathering point every summer. The beauty of it, however, is that this neighborhood offers far more beyond any typical recreational activities residents have come to not only love but expect.

The average lot?

It’s over an acre in size.

Does Crown Ranch boast access to various trails, walking paths, and parks?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Crown Ranch is a neighborhood with a more leisurely than many in the Houston Metro area to the hill country and located in the beautiful, natural countryside of Magnolia, TX.

With so many things to do outdoors and the space in which to do them, residents find themselves out of their homes and into the great sights and sounds Texas’ beautiful countryside has to offer.

Speaking of the outdoors, have we mentioned that Lake Conroe is only a short, pleasant drive away?

The possibilities are almost endless and spending time in Crown Ranch for even a limited amount of time will give you the sense that you are at home and one with nature.

Oh, have we mentioned the multiple golf courses within a short drive, all puns intended, of the neighborhood??

Modern Conveniences Without the Feel of a Large City

As residents soon find out, the peacefulness of being in nature doesn’t mean those who call Crown Ranch home are living out in the sticks.

Minutes away from Conroe, The Woodlands, Montgomery, and of course, downtown Magnolia, everything from relaxing country recreational activities to some of the finest dining the Greater Houston Metro area has to offer are a short drive away. Enjoy a night out on the town and within minutes return to the serenity of your Crown Ranch home and personal oasis.

Are you a Texas A&M fan?

Or maybe your children have grown up and are currently Aggies?

Either way, College Station is going to feel a lot closer soon with the extension of Highway 249 aka “The Aggie Expressway” slated to be completed by 2022! The new extension is positioned to avoid disrupting wetlands, wildlife, homes, or businesses and will be a welcomed convenience for years to come.

The Residents of Crown Ranch

Regardless of the amenities that are presented, commute times that are shortened, or really any single factor one may consider, the key to an impressive neighborhood is, in fact, the neighbors.

Crown Ranch prides itself on being a community that is respectful and helpful to those around them.

Don’t be surprised to find a friendly smile as you pass on your morning jog or a “How do you do?” as you enter the Recreational Center.

Crown Ranch is full of residents that respect and look out for one another and are proud to call Magnolia their home.

Build The Custom Home of Your Dreams in Crown Ranch

With ample space and friendly neighbors, this is the ideal place for anyone looking to create the home of their dreams and have the lifestyle to accompany it.

Picking a location to build your new custom home can be difficult. There is a lot to consider, and each situation requires different needs that need to be met.

Are you ready to turn your dream into a reality?

Then contact Picklo Homes, Magnolia’s leader in custom-built homes for over three decades. We build on your lot in beautiful neighborhoods such as magnificent Crown Ranch.

Give us a call today, and let’s make your dreams come true!


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