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Building an Energy-Efficient Custom Home
Energy Efficient Custom Home

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Building an Energy-Efficient Custom Home

Building an energy-efficient custom home is the epitome of comfort, relaxation, and convenience.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience the luxury of designing and building their very own custom home. But those who have will be the first to tell you- enjoy the experience and get what you want; because there is no home like a custom home.

When planning your custom home initially, the first things that go through your mind are likely game rooms, large garages, luxurious bathrooms, and custom pools built to wow!

And of course, those are all fantastic ideas that are absolutely attainable, but there’s so much more available to the custom home and custom comfort experience.

Although energy efficiency may not be the most exciting stage of custom home planning, it’s still incredibly important to implement into your design, and you’ll certainly be happy you did in the long run.

Here, we offer a few essential tips to help you bring energy efficiency into your custom home design for maximum convenience, comfort, and savings that last.

The Energy Efficient Custom Home Essentials

Energy Efficient Custom Home

High-Quality Insulation & Climate Control

For most homeowners in Texas, HVAC energy use is a big concern, and understandably so. But with today’s energy-efficient technology, building custom homes that speak to your soul and your wallet has become easier than ever!

By implementing modern energy use solutions into your design plan, you gain much more control over the annual costs of running your new home.

To lay down a strong foundation for energy efficiency, start with your home’s insulation and your choice in HVAC technology-

By utilizing the best home insulation materials and techniques available, along with strategic HVAC zoning and modern smart home equipment, you can count on maximum comfort and solid efficiency for many years to come.

Energy Efficient Windows

Once you’ve got the fundamentals of energy efficiency out of the way, start thinking about your custom home’s design in terms of window style and placement.

Although it may not seem like a big deal now, window style and placement can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency. So be sure to choose your new window material and style wisely, as not all are created equal.

As far as placement, discuss your window choices and plans with your custom home builder to ensure optimal placement for both a nice view and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Custom Home Lighting

Lighting up your new home is always an exciting part of the process.

The lighting stage is where you get to hand-select fixture styles, lighting hues, and even modern technologies that offer custom brightness levels.

But before you settle on your lighting, make sure you consider its effect on your new home’s energy consumption.

Options like CFL lighting and LEDs are typically the best way to go for energy-efficient lighting solutions. And don’t forget about dimmers; with innovative light dimming technology, you can adjust your home’s lighting right from your phone, saving you time and money.


Last but certainly not least, be sure to check the ENERGY STAR rating for any appliance or technology you plan on implementing in your energy-efficient custom home design.

ENERGY STAR is the leader in today’s energy-efficient standards, especially regarding residential energy consumption and the environmental effect each product or appliance has.

Windows, lighting, electronics, appliances, etc., all have their own energy-efficiency rating and the ability to negatively or positively affect your annual energy consumption.

By following ENERGY STAR standards throughout your custom home building process, you can easily guarantee yourself a lifetime of comfort and savings!

Custom Efficiency for Your Custom Home

Building a luxury custom home with all of the bells and whistles is a big dream to have, and with the right custom home builder on your side, doing just that is more than possible.

At Picklo Homes, we’ve been designing and building energy-efficient custom homes for decades. In that time, we’ve developed invaluable experience and skills for building energy-efficient homes that you will be proud of and will want to pass down through generations.

To learn more about designing and building the ideal energy-efficient custom home to fit your lifestyle, contact us today!

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