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Benders Landing: Your Custom Home Awaits
Benders Landing entrance.

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Benders Landing: The Perfect Place for Your Custom Home

Exhaust fumes cover the air like a wet, dirty blanket.

The droning of your radio is only outdone by the beeping of horns and humming of engines as you sit in traffic hoping for a miracle to occur so you won’t miss yet another t-ball game.

And as for the wildlife?

Do stray cats looking for a dumpster delicacy exactly count as wildlife?

Don’t get us wrong, downtown Houston has plenty to offer, but it isn’t for everyone.

Many homeowners looking to gain access to the luxury that modern homes and communities have come to know and love are also looking for a balance to modern life…an oasis…a retreat.

Custom Home Builder Consideratoins

Benders Landing in Spring, TX, provides the perfect amount of privacy and relaxation while accommodating a higher standard of living with quick access to modern amenities.

Spacious lots abound with homes that look as if they were picked right out of a magazine to accompany them.

Are you tired of looking for a community and ready to start looking for your new home?

Take a closer look at this master-planned community and fall in love with one of North Houston’s best acreage living communities tucked away safe and sound.

Spacious Custom Homes and Lots

Benders Landing is the perfect neighborhood for those who genuinely embrace the old saying that “everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Standard lots and suburban homes won’t be found here, as Benders Landing is the perfect place for custom home builders and their clients.

The lots are more substantial; it is an acreage community after-all and provides homeowners with space to create as well as develop a sense of privacy.

Even with neighboring lots and custom design, don’t expect a suburban feel.

The design of the Benders Landing community and its residents have preserved many of the wooded areas to keep you and your family one with nature.

Benders Landing Provides Privacy Without the Sacrifice of Socializing

One of the best features of Benders Landing is the fact that while it may not be in the middle of nowhere, it also isn’t directly affected by noise pollution due to its slight seclusion.

Your access to neighboring cities such as Porter and The Woodlands is just a short car ride away with Conroe, TX not much farther. Nightlife, activities, and big-city amenities are all a short distance from your home.

Benders Landing can be conveniently accessed once exiting I-45, the Hardy Toll Road or the 99 Grand Pkwy loop within a matter of minutes!

And as for the IAH Airport?

Easily accessible all while remaining far away enough to limit the noise pollution from the traffic and airplanes that pass over your home.

Even the neighborhood itself offers a similar advantage.

Your 1-2+ acre lots are designed with your family’s privacy in mind, giving you ample room to build and enjoy, but also to receive the respect of each homeowner’s personal area.

But this doesn’t mean your social life is that of a recluse.

Benders Landing is known for its wonderful members and their community events.

Residents can find themselves creating new friendships and strengthening old ones at one of the many year-round events designed to create a comfortable environment for neighbors to unwind and intermingle.

On top of interacting within the community, don’t be surprised to find you and your neighbors enjoying one of the many top-rated spots for a mouthwatering bite in The Woodlands or strolling old Spring, TX on a relaxing Sunday.

Benders Landing is a Recreational Family’s Dream

Custom Home Mortgage

Benders Landing boasts many modern recreational features and amenities from the expected yet updated fitness rooms and pools to the elevated soccer fields and 4 lakes filled with fish within the community.

Still not enough?

Lake Conroe is under an hour away and provides a safe haven for adrenaline junkies and relaxing recreationists alike.

Are you still looking for more?

Benders Landing is located a short drive away from multiple golf courses and The Woodland’s community waterway.

Okay, okay we get it, you’re still looking for places to be at one with the Earth, escape the city, all of the excellent stuff nature has to offer.

How about Lake Houston?

That’s right, on top of easy access to Lake Conroe, Benders Landing is positioned so that residents are a short car ride away from Kingwood, TX and the highly recommended Lake Houston Wilderness Park located on the north side of the lake.

Sprawling playgrounds, splash pads, tennis courts, and more, Benders Landing may be the best spot in the Greater Houston area for outdoor recreational activity and luxurious home.

Custom Built Homes at Benders Landing

Custom built homes designed with your dreams and passions in mind and lots large enough to fulfill the most imaginative of floor plans.

Are you looking to get outdoors but conserve the luxury you deserve?

Picklo Homes has been the Greater Houston area’s go-to custom home builders since 1981 and has the tools and experience to devise and deliver the home of your dreams.

Contact us today and begin your new life in the prestigious sanctuary that is Benders Landing.


Benders Landing FAQs

  • I would love to build my custom home in Benders Landing, where do I start? 

So you are ready to start building your custom dream home, fantastic! Give us a call!

The first thing we will do is set up a time to get together and do a little research. This part of the process will help you express your vision and show us what you do and do not want for your custom home design. 

  • How long would it take to build a custom home in Benders Landing? 

Although there are many different things that will factor into the build timeline, our custom homes generally take 150-180 days to complete after the foundation is poured. 

  • What size Homes can you build in Benders Landing? 

Benders Landing requires a minimum of around 2,800 square feet for a home to be built in their community. Most of our homes (on average) tend to be around the 4,000 square feet range. 

  • Can I see some of your previous custom home plans/designs?

Of course, to see some of our previous custom home designs/blueprints, Click Here!

  • Is there a homeowners association for Benders Landing Estates?

Yes, the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) is a committee of residents that have been nominated/appointed to ensure that Benders Landing is developed into a first-class community that the current residents (and potentially you) are proud to call your home! 

  •  Is Benders Landing a quiet/laid back community? 

Finding the perfect community to meet all of the needs of your family isn’t easy. 

However, if you are looking for the best of both worlds, Benders Landing is the place to be. This community offers beautiful countryside living along with a short 20-minute drive to The Woodlands Town Center for a taste of city life. You really can have it all!

  • Are pools allowed in Benders Landing?

Absolutely! As long as they are pre-approved and meet the ACC’s construction standards, which is no problem. We offer all our clients incredible custom pool designs that are compliant with community standards and meet your needs as a homeowner. 

  • How long will it take to build a custom pool? 

Depending on the weather, it typically takes our team 30-45 days to complete a custom pool build. Not bad Right? You will be relaxing under the hot sun in no time!

  • Do Picklo Home’s pools come with a warranty? 

Yes, all of our custom pools come with a 1-year warranty on workmanship, a 3-year warranty on most equipment, and a 15-year warranty on pebble interior finishes. At Picklo Homes, we take pride in our work and guarantee a quality finished product you will be proud of!

  • Can I add a back-up generator to my custom home? 

Yes, home generators are permitted in Benders Landing followed by a few minor guidelines. 

  • Can I have my property in Benders Landing fenced in? 

Depending on the size and style, fences are permitted by the ACC. 

  • I have kids, are there any family-friendly amenities or parks close by? 

Yes, Benders Landing has a wonderful activity-filled Clubhouse for families of the community as well as a private park. 

  • What is the school district like?

Benders Landing Estates are located in the highly-acclaimed Conroe Independent School District. The outstanding schools in the area have always been a plus for families looking to build their new home. 

  • What other areas do you build in? 

We have a wide variety of areas we build our custom homes in, Click Here to learn more!


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