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6 Steps To Creating Your Custom Home
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When you drive through some of the new residential developments that sport some of the most unique Houston custom homes, you can’t help but be inspired to build your own one day.  There is something more personal and special about having a home built that you have has your design print all over it. You have chosen the styling cues from the roof to the flooring and the accents as well. Building a home, however, can have some potential pitfalls you must be aware of.  No one wants to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in having a home that is defective because of some oversight in design or construction. You would be surprised how many Houston custom homes have to be repaired because of one simple mistake. Here is a basic starter guide to building your own home that will help you avoid catastrophe.

Have A Plan And Execute It

A house is a unique investment because if built right, it should last a lifetime and appreciate in value. Not many investments gain value over time so you want to make sure you have a plan that stays focused on the details. You should consider your circumstances and needs. Do you plan on having a family, children or pets? Do you want an area to entertain or play games? Will you consider this your estate, or the home you plan to retire in? There is no right or wrong answer, but your answers will dictate the design and features of your home.

Consider the Landscape
Even though there is a slight trend in some urban Houston custom homes to place little or no emphasis on landscape design, for most people cramming a house between fences or walls is loathsome. Your landscape should be a place of solace, color, and relaxation. When planning out your new build, make plenty of room for a well-manicured lawn, some garden areas or flower beds and maybe even a pool. In the long run, this will pay off in personal enjoyment and home value should you ever sell.

Build Safe

You want to feel safe in your own home right? So make sure to implement a design that fosters easy accessibility in an out of the home in case of fire or another emergency. Wiring for exterior security lights and a security system is also a consideration. If you plan on having children or already have children keep childproof features in mind as well.

Go Green While It’s Easier

Retrofitting a home with energy efficient features can honestly be a pain. With many Houston custom homes being built with green features already in place, it’s a smart choice. There are many options such as gas-filled dual pane windows, solar panels, radiant barrier insulation and more. All of these things are much easier to implement on a new build and in the long run, will save you quite a bit of money.

Build In Your Budget
While size is an important factor to consider when building your first home, it should not dictate your budget. The larger the home the more expensive the build will be. There are many home building techniques that can give you ample space with small square footage. Innovative cabinetry and convertible furniture designs such as Murphy beds can aide in downsizing to your budget.  That being said if your budget leaves you restricted to building too small, then honestly you will want to hold off and save up until you can afford a balanced option.  You ideally need to expect to set aside about half or a bit more of what you can actually afford, to the actual construction fund. A new home build rarely comes in under budget due to many external factors. You can, however, control it to some extent with due diligence and focused planning.

The Devil Is In The Details

Getting the basic amenities nailed down is fairly easy. How many bedrooms you want, what kitchen amenities to include and how many bathrooms are all easy tasks. But getting into the details of these amenities is where it gets meticulous. Are you building a multi-story home? You will need a bathroom for each floor, but do you go full bath or half bath? How many closets in each bedroom do you need? Questions like these may make the process feel tedious at times but the end result will make it worth it.

If You Can Dream It. We Can Build It
Unless you’re a master carpenter, it is best to leave the construction and design to the professionals. When it comes to Houston custom homes, the name that most trust is Picklo Homes.  All we know is custom homes and pools, we know what we do well, so that is all we focus on. So, get your general plans of the home you would like to build and then contact us to execute it. We will include you in every step along the way to creating your perfect home.

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