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3 Things Your Custom Homebuilder Should Never Say
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In our blogs, we usually talk about what to expect from a custom homebuilder or tips on how to make the custom home building experience as enjoyable as possible. However, in this blog, we are going to talk about some big no-no’s for a custom homebuilder. Keep reading to see three things that your custom homebuilder should never say.

1. “Don’t Worry About Cutting Back Anywhere”

It’s up to you to make decisions on where to splurge and where to cut back in your custom home. That being said, don’t ever trust a custom homebuilder that urges you not to cut back anywhere in your home. There’s nothing wrong with splurging in certain areas throughout your custom home. However, it would be a mistake to not cut back on any areas at all. Finding a few areas to cut back on will save you plenty of money and open up some extra space throughout the house.

2. “This is our Expected Completion Date. Don’t Expect Any Delays”

While it would be wonderful for your custom homebuilder to be able to provide you with a sure-fire completion date, it simply isn’t realistic. The fact of the matter is that delays with your custom home are inevitable. Whether it’s a supply shortage or unexpected weather, there are dozens of uncontrollable factors that can throw off an expected completion date. What happens when the completion date is pushed back by a month due to unexpected factors? If you didn’t prepare for any possible delays you might not have a place to live.

3. “Don’t Worry About the Details, We’ll Handle Those”

This is an instant red flag. Yes, there will be times where you are overwhelmed by the amount of details that goes into building a custom home. However, it is the fact that you get to make the decision on every detail that makes a custom home so special. A custom homebuilder who makes decisions on the majority of details is robbing their client of the true custom homebuilding experience. Sure, there are times when it’s perfectly acceptable to leave some decisions up to your custom homebuilder. However, it’s a different story if your custom homebuilder is constantly trying to take the details out of your hands.

We promise that you will never hear us say any of these things throughout the custom homebuilding experience.

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