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2018 Digital Homes- Thinking of “Going Digital”?
Digital Home

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Picklo Homes – Benefits of a Digital Home

We’re surrounded by technology in our society today. Some days it feels like we’re living out a futuristic sci-fi fiction novel. While some may argue that all this technology has its downsides, there are many clear benefits to the technology that allows us to manage our lives more efficiently. A great example of the benefits of technology is digital features that can be built into your home. Known as Digital Homes or Smart Homes, these cutting-edge homes integrate technology seamlessly into the daily functions of a household.

Custom built homes can have these Digital Home features incorporated into their designs, and Digital Home features can also be added to pre-existing houses. If you find yourself annoyed by all of the outlets, cords, and chargers needed to operate the technology in your home, or if you’re frustrated by the lack of control you have over your devices when you’re away from home, then moving in the direction of a Digital Home may be the answer for you! There are so many different ways that integrated Smart Home technology can make your life easier. Here are some of the best benefits of a Digital Home, followed by the most common types of digital upgrades as well as some new features fresh on the market.

Benefits of a Digital Home

We guarantee that you’ll be beyond pleased with the results of “going digital” in your home. Here are some of the key advantages of installing smart home devices in your house:


Simplicity. We’re all familiar with smartphones and the simplicity they provide by combining countless abilities into one streamlined device. Smart Homes operate in the same way: combining many different technological capabilities into your home itself. This cuts down on visible clutter. For example, instead of juggling (and losing!) multiple remote controls, you would be able to control many different home devices through your smartphone alone.


Control. A Digital Home also improves the way in which you control the appliances and machines in your home. For example, installing a smart oven or smart refrigerator allows you to use your smartphone to control these devices even when you’re away from home. Go out of town and can’t remember if you turned your AC down? No problem, just use an app on your mobile device to do it remotely. Open or close your garage door, lock your front door, etc. New smart appliances and corresponding apps are being developed every day!


Safety. When it comes to controlling your appliances remotely, it’s easy to see how digital home features would provide extra safety checks for your home. Common causes of house fires, such as neglected stoves or ovens, can be avoided through a control app. Furthermore, digital security systems give you the ability to monitor your front porch and all entrances to your home through remote camera access on your mobile device. You can even go one step further and control your door locks, security alarm system, and security cameras through your mobile app. Beyond just preventing and detecting criminal activity, these Digital Home safety features also have the benefit of allowing you to monitor pets or children in your care, who may otherwise leave the home without your knowledge. With your smart home security system, you would receive an alert whenever someone enters or leaves your home. It’s clear to see how a digital home offers countless benefits in the area of home security and safety.


Convenience. Digital Homes can be arranged with voice commands for many different functions. Voice command is an easy (not to mention, fun!) way to control the simple steps of household life that you would otherwise spend valuable time performing, such as controlling lights, ceiling fans, or window shades. There is also a great amount of convenience in controlling your smart devices from your mobile phone remotely.


Energy Efficiency. This is where Digital Homes really pay off in the long run and give you a tangible return on your investment. As years add up, traditional homes expend much unnecessary energy, which is harmful to the environment, your appliances, and your wallet. Smart Home technology, on the other hand, enables your home to conserve as much energy as possible. Take, as an example, induction cook-top stoves, which use digital technology to heat to a specific set temperature. This means no more wasted energy from burners heating uncovered or overheating pans. The stove itself has the ability to accomplish a perfect boil, utilizing only the exact amount of energy needed. Now apply this same efficiency principle to all the appliances and mechanisms in your home: your air conditioner, heater, water faucets, showerheads, refrigerators, the list goes on and on. Just imagine how much you will save on energy and water bills! To put some numbers on it, the US Environmental Protection Agency reports that those who use smart home technology for only thermostat control saved 10%-30% a month on their energy bill. Imagine how much that would add up for you in a year!

Recommended Digital Home Features

Now that we’ve convinced you that a smart home is worth the investment, we’ll overview some of your best options for which Digital Home features you should consider installing in your home.

Common Types of Digital Home Features

There are currently many smart home features that have been around a while and are tried, tested, and approved by consumers. These are a few of the most commonly utilized, and loved, smart home digital home features that could improve your daily life and home-owning experience:

  • Water usage (faucets, showerheads)
  • In-home theaters (integrated audio systems, flat panel installation)
  • Lighting  (remote control, dimming, voice command)
  • Garage doors (controlled by a smartphone app)
  • Pet food dishes (automatic or app-controlled refill)
  • Refrigerators (cameras to view contents, notifications for spoiled food)
  • Induction cook-top stoves (heat to a specific temperature)
  • Security systems (Cameras, lock control, motion alerts)
  • Dishwashers, washers, and dryers (control from an app)
  • AC/heating systems (control from an app or set to automatic scheduling)
  • Vacuum cleaning robots (control at home or through an app)


New Digital Home Features

If you’re a cutting-edge person when it comes to trying new technology, here are some recent developments in Digital Home technology that you may be interested in trying:

Beautiful kitchen

  • Cooking Appliances. Yes—you read that right! Load the ingredients beforehand, then control your cooking devices remotely through wi-fi. You can set your start and end times and desired temperature through an app. There are precision cookers, electric smokers, outdoor grills, and even toaster ovens that use this kind of technology. Cooking doesn’t get much simpler than that!
  • Automatic Lawn Mowers. This would remove one of homeowners’ least favorite chores. Automatic lawn mowers, such as Robomow RS622, are new on the market but showing lots of promise as an ideal alternative to traditional lawn mowing for Digital Homeowners.
  • Light bulbs. One step further than automatic lighting, new Philips Hue light bulbs give you ultimate control over both the intensity and the color of the bulb. A fun way to set mood lighting and control brightness, all while getting quality light and long-lasting, energy efficient bulbs.

We at Picklo Homes pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on Digital Home technology and helping you integrate it into your home smoothly and efficiently. Check here for a list of the Digital Home services we offer, and contact us today to schedule your installation!

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